Sample Backblast

15 showed up for this morning’s SharkTank. Here’s what went down:


Extra Credit (0515)
Mosey over to Target for 20 over, 20 under supine pullups
At top of deck, 5 rounds of hip slappers (20), deck sprints, and derkins (20)

Main Event (0530)
Warmup with SSH (30), merkins (20)
Mosey along greenway stopping for dips at Target (30) and again at Cap’n Jack (25)
Mosey to bottom of Lizzy lurker, merkins (15)
Suicide with stops at crosswalks and light for crossfit burpees (5), Mary waiting for Six
Another round of suicides with diamonds (10) at stops, more Mary
Partner wheelbarrow to 1st crosswalk, 1 AYG to top, merkins (20), partner wheelbarrow to 1st crosswalk
Mosey back home along greenway with 1 more stop for dips (30)
COT (Thank you, OBT, for the takeout and capturing the sentiment extremely well.)


Pax pretty quiet this morning. Hot and humid, yep. Lower mileage than normal, and at best I was leading from the middle. Lee and EZ had their moments. As well as Starbuck, DIB and Shirley Temple. Curly from start to finish. Teaser Pony very strong w/ wheelbarrow. And Breesy came back after FNG’ing last week. A great sign.

Don’t know Subsidy and Fuzzy, seem like solid young men, will be on lookout for future posts. Snap Fade, OBT, and Smokey putting in another solid day’s work. And Chair Thrower proudly rocking the sleeveless.

Given the late notice on the nod to Cheech, we only had 5 guys posting sleeveless. But, for lots of reasons, all of us agree that yesterday’s tragedy was a kick in the gut. Our Lexington, SC brother followed all the rules (vest, lights, headlamp, was w/ a group of runners) but was still hit by a car and lost his life. His twitter feed is testimony to his strong faith and impact on tons of guys down there. There is great sadness (wife, two kids, extended family, many friends). And this could’ve been any of us, really. And will be all of our fates, eventually.

We take some level of risk when we post each morning (and will continue to do so), but for me, the lesson is just another reminder of how fragile life can be, each day is a gift. Had a chance to kick around Psalm 90:12 with some A51 men a few weeks ago – “Lord, teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” There’s not much we can do about the past, and none of us knows what lies ahead. James 4:14 says, “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” So we make the most of the days we’re given. No wasted days. Can’t be living for the weekend, looking ahead to that upcoming vacation, the next job, when the kids are through with this/that stage, letting our Jester eat our lunch for days or even weeks at a time. So, we try our best to live each day with intentionality, loving those close to us (and beyond), advancing the missions we’ve been given, and contributing to that which is eternal. And if we’ve never considered, or neglected or deferred, the 3rd F, now’s as good a time as any to aggressively explore and determine where you are, whose you are, and why. Again, Cheech’s twitter feed speaks volumes about his intentionality on this front, and hopefully his unexpected passing will spur the rest of us to live more focused lives. No more wasted days.


  • Metro Convergence, 6:00AM on 7/4/17 at Freedom Park, followed by American 4miler Race in Dilworth and debut of SpeedForNeed racing chariot.

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