Categories and Tag Structure

Here is the backbone of how we are going to stay organized and put your content where it needs to go. This is a scalable architecture that will evolve over time.

Below are high-level descriptions


  • PreBlast – Hype or Preview for a Workout, Event, and/or race. This new site will try and feature these more often to keep the PAX informed of what’s happening.
  • Backblast  – Blog about what you did and what everyone else missed.
  • Fellowship/2nd F – Homepage real estate for a 2nd F event.
  • Serve / Community Leadership- Homepage real estate for an opportunity to serve the community. i.e. Billingsville, MIP, and Fortitiude
  • CSAUP – Homepage real estate to hype your event
  • FULL MONTY – Well , it is what you make it.


I have not pre-created all of the tags for every Metro workout. Please create them as you post the corresponding backblast. We will clean them up down the line once we are at a populated state.

  • frontpage – this populates the homepage slider with your post.
  • Workout Name 1
  • Workout Name 2
  • Workout Name 3
  • etc, etc.

One thought on “Categories and Tag Structure

  • June 24, 2017 at 11:23 am

    Great work! I look forward to giving this a test run next week when I !Q CORE. Thanks for your leadership in creating, maintaining and improving this site!

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