Python Eats an Alligator

17 men, including a triple RRR, welcomed the idea of no burpee Wednesday (Q has a busted paw).  South Beach (aka Python), who is north of 70 years old, decided to tackle Governator (aka Alligator).   YHC missed being war daddy by over 20 years – T-claps to South Beach for making it out and going big for breakfast.

The thang:

Mosey down Carmel and stop in front of gated entrance to the fancy neighborhood on the right for some warm up (SSH X10, Mtn Climbers X15, IW X10).    Continue down Carmel and right onto High Rock.   Partner up with partner 1 going left and partner 2 going right.    10 jump squats at each speed bump (only 2 on the whole route – Q fail) and 10 partner hand slap merkins when you meet at mid point and start/finish.   Plank while we wait on the six.

Run down High Rock with 10 jumping lunges (single count) at each street light (lit or not) until we get to high point of High Rock for main event.   Originally called Bent Jacob Ladder (jump squats instead of burpees) but wisely followed site Q suggestion and modified to 5 trips (the hill is a beast).    We did a Bent, Bent Jacob Ladder.

Run pack to Carmel and plank while we wait on the six.   Run back to fancy gated neighborhood for a few minutes of Mary (dolly X25, flutter X20, Rosalita X15, Freddie Mercury X10).   Run back to church lot for more partner work.

Partner 1 does suicide run in parking lot while partner 2 does 1 legged peoples chair.  Flap jack and then rinse and repeaat.

Most over to parking lot and then all you got down to end and back for finish at 6:15:00 (at least on my watch).

Nekkid MS:

This AO is the closest to my house and I don’t make it here enough.   Appreciate the invite for Silent Bob to take the helm.  Always an honor.

We lost South Beach on the route to High Rock but Mermaid, the ever vigilant Nantan of Area 51, noticed he was missing and took Utah with him to go check.  South Beach was fine and joined us later.   That was not a RRR friendly workout so I apologize to South Beach for not modifying.    I hope someone takes better care of me when I get to RRR status than I did of South Beach.

Orlando and Rock thought it ok to light some firewood with constant heckling of the Q (much of it deserved – easy target).   I move faster than I talk so you have to listen closely to get my authentic western gibberish directions.   Rock tried the old “lets not do LBC’s trick” but forgot the Q has been around a long time.    I did acquiesce later and called some during SMOM.   I should have replied by saying we needed to finish the last 2 rounds of the Bent Jacob so I will remember the next time.

Great push by all in the heat this am.   My HR was way over my maximum target (220-52) so the combination of the High Rock hill and the heat were a bad combination.


Keep Film Festival in your prayers as he fights a bad back.

Visit the Speed for Need tent at Tri Sports in Ballantyne and check out what’s going on.   Pretty cool stuff and I recommend everyone a race as soon as they can.   It’s great fellowship and loads of fun.


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  • July 12, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    Utah noticed South Beach’s absence. Quick pax survey confirmed. Off we went and found him at AO lot.

    SFN tent at Morrison Y for Tri-Ballantine from 0600-0900

    Solid workout and group of guys at Governator. Nice to get back there after a few year hiatus. Strong Q Chelms. Great disclaimer and takeout in BOM.

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