F3 Metro is now open for business!


We are open for business. Your first order of business should be to register for a new account via the registration link on the top of the page or do it right here -> http://f3metro.com/wp-login.php?action=register – it should be pretty self-explanatory as long as you have a valid e-mail address and a working brain.

Your next task that I’d suggest is to get familiar with the site and figuring how to get to where the good stuff is. There are some tweaks and changes that you’ll need to digest, but I’m hoping to add some flavor and enhance what we are were doing before.

I want to highlight things like PreBlasts and Backblasts so we can start to have more fun with it. At the same time, groups like CORE and Community Impact initiatives should be front and center so please contact me if you have ideas or want to take ownership of some of those elements.

Here is a list of new features and the idea behind them:

  • Backblast Custom Form – The traditional Date/Q/PAX has been enhanced just a bit with the addition of the date picker and count fields, this also will only appear when you select “Backblast” as the category.
  • The Full Monty Category – Let it fly here. I expect Fishwrap will run with this.
  • TCLAPS and HATE buttons – I never like the ability to give someone TCLAPS without the option to HATE, everyone does not get a trophy in life and this will highlight that fact. Put up weak stuff and be hated on. Also, this should list out the HATERS.
  • F3 App integration – For those who use the F3 IOS app, business should be as usual. I have the request in to update the link so you will see posts from this site in the app.
  • Images and Videos – They are back and better than ever. When you do not place a feature image in a Backblast or PreBlast, a default image will be placed in it for you as the site looks better like that. DISCLAIMER – KEEP YOUR IMAGES AND VIDEOS PG or PG-13 AND NOT TOO BIG, DON’T CAUSE ME PROBLEMS, BRO!
  • Strava Integration – Join the F3 Metro group on strava and let your activity be seen on this site.

I will updated this throughout the week with the rest of the stuff that’s been implemented. Enjoy!


Email me at itpro@jessewilker.com or @unclejwilk site-related stuff.

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