12 pax this morning.

The Thang:


  • Cindy got started at 5:09. He was alone but chasing a former version of himself #hiswordsnotmine
  • SwampFox chose a 10 hr car ride to St. Louis above running with my trailing. So Mark (Fishwrap) was my mark. For 4.2 miles that is. After a warm-up #accomodatingmark and ~22 minutes at tempo pace I started my cool-down #dropcity. No need to affect my Friday and Sunday running plans and that was a perfect tempo #win
  • Fishwrap was just getting in a warm-up before a rendezvous with his 9yo and the homestead AO for a 2 mile hot lap before school. His wife was taking their daughter on another (7yo). #startemearly
  • Pomfret has sensitive ears and a soft voice #roadnoisepollution


  • Pomfret wants you to get your VO2 Max test at Queens. He did it, you might want to too. Get with him on that.
  • BRR is 8 weeks away
  • won’t be for backblasts anymore, will but if you’re reading this… you already knew that #sneakychangemanagment
  • Carrier is getting married next Tuesday in Maine. Tickets are sold out

Thank you to Mr. Delicious for the take out


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