MIP BB- Shadow Hunting

18 followed YHC into the darkness during the course of an hourlong beatdown at Charlotte Rescue Mission this morning.  All wanted EC, though by the end some wanted to give that 15 minutes back.

The Thang:
EC 9-9:15:  0.0 miles covered.
IC Merkins, 10.  Hold upper plank.  Right arm high, right leg high, left arm high, left leg high.  Low-plank, Low-plank march.
Copperhead squats (IC), Imperial Walkers (IC), People’s Chair  (repeated 3X, 2x sumo air thrusts, 3rd X w/air-presses).
Rest- 10 donkey kicks OYO, Finish EC with Mary ( Boone sit-ups, Heels-to-heaven).

Mosey to Panther’s Practice field.
Bear-crawl, sumo squat while waiting for the 6.  Mosey to the shade, more Mary, then slow Mosey to the Keep Pounding Wall.  40 Donkey Kick’s with 3 rounds of People’s Chair.

Mosey to BBT/BOA parking deck (the one that looks at ALLY building and used in PWW) Partner up speed always matters in Metro.
Partner A starts with 5 chest-to-ground merkins then chases Partner B who is backward running the ramp to the top of the level  (if caught flap jack…we struggled with instructions here).  Top of level 4, sumo jump squats until 6 is in.  Then Partner Derkins OYO  (3 ways. 1st time 10 as normal, 2nd time partner on bottom does Merkins and person on top nothing, last round Dumbocrats).
Back to the partner chase exercise this time Partner B starts with merkins, while Partner A backwards runs.  Plank for the 6.  Mosey down the stairs (4 levels, even though it is a 6 level deck #confused, #startedfromthebottomnowe’rehere).  Sumo Jump squats for the 6, 10 derkins, then AYG the stairs to the top.  Repeato, colloect the 6 back to keep pounding wall.  More People’s Chair, donkey kicks, mosey to park, more abs (Crunchy Frogs, Heels to Heaven.

Let Countdown lead the slow mosey to the Cedar Hill deck, for modified 10’s.  1st Exercise Mike Tyson’s (started at 5 did round of 6, 7, then 10).  2nd exercise varied (5 Tijuana Squats, 4 Heels to Heaven, 3 Box-Cutters, out of time…)  Mosey back.  Stop for one last round of Donkey Kicks, People’s Chair and mary while waiting for the 6.


1) Interesting morning.  We may have to tweak the MIP format again, as with the #ISI philosophy no man wanted to miss the EC.  Zero add-ons at 9:15, but we’ll keep doubling back just to be sure. Welcome Bypass who pulled a Babe Ruth on the backwards run.  “What if my partner doesn’t catch me?” to which YHC was like, well I don’t think its ever happened, but then it means your partner just has a long sprint.  Then Bypass went out and made sure his partner didn’t catch him; though  he may have dinosaured it, as Bypass was a little slower on the back half of the workout.

2) Welcome Counselor who during our run back between Cedar Hill and BOA stadium took a little extra time to help a young man sitting on the picnic bench.  Told me the guy on the bench was having marital issues, and was just trying to help.  We need to work on his Flying EH skills, but he may also have been trying to hide from the last part of the workout.  However it is a good reminder to be vigilant and aware of the struggles of people around us.

3) All in all stellar job by the MIP crew.  Cheddar-Bob has put on at least 20lbs of pure muscle, and Rabbit (our double respect) continues to crush workouts.  Looking forward to both of them seeking out other workouts and AO’s soon.  Thankful for Boiler who was the Q’s sweeper and time-keeper after his LSD run this morning (he’ll need to work on GAAP for that double down).  It felt good to post in what has seemed forever, even if by 9am being in the sun or on blacktop was just blah.  Still nowhere close to 100%, but too much isolation can play tricks on the mind and heart.  Hopefully YHC will be back in gloom soon.  Lastly, thank you to Malko and the Foundation for all their support.  So many MIP guys are appreciative of the shirts, that are either donated by the PAX or made for the Charlotte Rescue Mission.  We still need Q’s, and YHC believes it will be Cheddar-Bob’s VQ in 2 weeks.   Until next time.


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