Summer blockbusters

4 Running Braves met at Cherokee to find no Q, so YHC set off and here is what we did:

Mosey over to the Goodwill lot for warm-a-rama:  20xSSH, 20xIW, 20xSquats.

Mosey to the new (For YHC) playground setup at Billingsville for a mini-murph:  5 rounds of 10x pull-ups, 20x merkins, 30x squats.  Then Mary:  20x LBC, 20x flutter (both in-mulch, in-cadence).

Mosey past the baseball fields to the short hill up to the other baseball fields for a short ladder of run up the hill x 1 burpee back down for 1 more burpee.  Repeat for 3 rounds (1 burpee, 2 then 3).  Then Mary:  20x freddy mercury, 20x Left oblique crunch, 20x rosalita, 20x right oblique crunch.

Mosey back to the playground for the 2nd mini-murph.  Mosey back to the mint for Mary:  20x LBC, 20x Dolly, then protractor until the end:  15, 45, 45 left, 45 right, 15.


Small group today – the murph’s kept us all together, so it made for a lot of good chatter mostly about movies.  Here is what we learned:

  • you don’t run that much in the Nike running camp, but you get a lot of free stuff
  • Buzzcock does not recommend some netflix documentary about wine growing in california, but does recommend The Barkley Marathons
  • Buzzcock has the internet (go figure)
  • Pesci recommends ‘Ready Player One’
  • Tantrum is a terroir skeptic, but maybe only when some bartender is trying to impress his M
  • Tantrum recommends the movie Donkey Kong:  a fistful of quarters
  • YHC recommends a trip to Abari with your own fistful of quarters
  • Tantrum wore his King of the Mountains socks, and that led to some Tour De France discussion … YHC appreciates Buzzcock’s curiosity about la TDF

24 Hours of Booty is coming soon – sponsor the F3 riders

Thanks Pesci for the takeout (2 weeks in a row)

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  • July 19, 2017 at 12:59 am

    Good stuff. I hated the post just so i could see what happens when I hate a post. Curiosity satisfied.

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