Garinger: Back to Gramar School (ironic misspelling intended)

YHC felt Garinger Pax needed remedial lessons, so we took a field trip down the road to Shamrock Gardens Elementary.

The Thang:

Mosey to west side of campus for COP: 20 SSH, 20 IW, 10WM, 20 LSS.

Mosey to corner of Shamrock and Elkwood Circle : Merkins.

Mosey to corner of Shamrock and Libeth: Peter Parkers

Mosey to backsteps of Shamrock Gardens Elementary: 11s Plankjacks and LBCs

Mosey to playground: 3 sets of chin-ups and durkins (15, 10, 5).

Mosey to soccer field: length of soccerfield and back (your choice: combo of lunge, bearcrawl, crabwalk, or burpee broad jumps).

Mosey to upper playground: 3 sets of step-ups (10 each leg) and dips (20).

Indian Run back to Garinger, stopping for Mary along the way, including ABCs



Thanks to Gridlock for clown car and refreshments.

EC to Penny and Mint Julep for jogging in and out.

YHC cannot tell time and now owes Pax 6 minutes of their life, which they will never get back.




1) Stay tuned for info on Booty Loop events. a) bike ride b) 24 hour F3 workout with Pax taking different shifts; c) HaywoodStock on Friday 28th

2) Lunge Walk on Labor Day (9/4) to support Good Soles, a non-profit started by Charlotteean Jeremy Coffey that purchases and donates steel-toed work boots to Men at the Men’s Shelter.   Lunge walk (or walk) 1 mile from Shelter to NoDa Brewery for celebration and Band and Brew.  Entry fee is a pair of work boots or equivalent cost ($25).

3)  Get your Picasso on Saturday (22nd) and next (29th).   North End partners received grant to paint mural on under 16th St. Bridge.   Shelter Guests will be participating in painting and Shelter is seeking additional volunteers.  Sign-up here, and next time you’re in the People’s Chair under the Bridge you can say “Hey, I painted that.”

4) Please support Men’s Shelter Summer Towel Drive by purchasing a towel(s) through this link.   So far 142 out 350 purchased.  Drive ends on Friday.  To make it real, our F3 brother No. 5 did not have a towel available to shower with, this morning after Fortitude.  That’s no fun.

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