The early bird catches ……

A double digit dieci gathered on Saturday morning for their weekend serving of all 3 of the Fs

After this weeks musical offering – all 4 plus minutes of Shot in the dark by Ozzy ( Pat Benatar?!?!?!)while doing the now trademarked blockplank, we karaoked our way round the 400m then took our blocks for a mosey.  Some ‘block dips’ segway nicely into some suicide work on the hill. Despite the shirtless one of the PAX not understanding the Q (#fakeaccent)and seating himself to adjust his footwear – he still beat us all resoundingly.

After some OYO curls and presses with our blocks they were then deposited back from whence they had come.


Now ‘block free’ the PAX made short work of some more track work interspersed with pull ups and hand release ‘merkins, and an Indian run.


Some bear crawling, people’s chair and dips and durkins left time for a mosey back to the places where it all began

Big brother witnessed a fraction over 4 miles of fun this morning


Polar neck

  • A strong group into the double digits this week was a pleasure to lead.  It really is cooler at 6 am. In both senses of the word.
  • The more men who come – the more ‘diluted’ the whinging is from The Shine
  • Glad the humidity held off until we were at least 30 seconds into the workout


Rumor has it there will be some sort of gathering where a few friends will run around in the mountains for a while – sounds completely stupid and utterly pointless.

Flood the zone is an invitation to all PAX to converge this July in The Queen City at the 24 hours of Booty

This mornings was a solid take out from a man who can.



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