up the creek

13 Faithful today for Prometheus.  Here’s what went down:


The Drill:

Extra Credit

Run to Atlas AO, merkins (10), then 10/8/6/4/2 of pull-ups and merkins, merkins (10), AYG back to RMS


Main Event

COP with SSH (20), starjacks (20), merkins (20)

Mosey to Water Oak/Linda, flutter waiting for Six

Partner wheelbarrow up Linda to light, back down

Sprints up Linda with descending merkins, ascending knee-ups (20/10, 18/12,…,10/20)

Partner wheelbarrow up Linda to light, mosey to Atlas AO, flutter waiting for Six

Pull-ups and knee-ups (10/8/6/4/2), mosey over to Woodlark

Median loop with diamonds at every other driveway (10×12), dolly waiting for Six

Mosey back to Atlas AO for 3 sets of pull-ups (7) and dips (14)

AYG back to RMS



Thanks to all for playing along today.  Wasn’t sure what would transpire, but folks put in a solid effort.  In week 3 of the site Q transfer, Rhapsody claimed exhaustion and headed DR, while KC smartsacked after endeavoring to redefine “Camden Tuff!” tumbling through the Whitewater Center’s rapids in his denim overalls.  Not to mention his late night visit to ER for his daughter (trail-running mishap; thankfully, she’s OK, and KC has scored even more meds).  Ultra Mtn runner Today threatened an early departure, while Snowflake simply looked me dead in the eyes at the 17min mark (after EC), and said “I’m done.”  Sounds like he was due for a day’s rest.  Rest up, Brother.  Orange Whip (next week’s Q) and Black Bear led the pack throughout, and Lynchpin and Panda imposed their wheels at will.  And DT showed us the way home. Overall, very little chatter (need some new material?) and absolutely zero hugs to go around.  Highlights may have been Drone’s takeout in COT (thank you!) and the appropriate heckling of Atlas pax…until we realized Nash had the Q.  You know nobody messes with Nash because he’s as legit as any man in Metro.  With smarts.  And humility.  And strives for excellence.  There are a few others I’d put in that category, but not too many.  I’d say we’re maybe in the doldrums for summer posting – numbers a little down, heat’s real, too much running, nagging injuries, lots of competing workouts, many of which are off-the-grid.  Or in EZ’s home gym.  Foul Ball’s running 80+ mi/wk, and FWrap’s pushing 100.  New leaders emerging, others recharging, distractions abound, and it seems to me this is all cyclical with individuals – and communities to a lesser extent.  But it can be healthy.  Good QSource discussion over past few weeks on Commitment, Courage, Competence, and godly Contentment, and it’s been in abundance this summer with some newer and plenty of older faces.  And it is very encouraging to witness.  Contagious, a reminder to stay on mission.  I’d be 20+ lbs heavier and restless and likely drifting without your influences.  So, yep, I’m really proud to be Metro, and as always, I am thankful for the opportunity to lead you men, even on days when the tank’s a little low.



– MIP going strong but always looking for volunteers to Q.  Saturdays @ 9:00AM. T-claps to Marv and Deer Tick for their faithful and consistent leadership with this.

– Next Tuesday 7/25 – Charlotte Running Club is hosting a track night. Where: Charlotte Country Day (1440 Carmel Rd). When: 5:30PM 7/25. This event is a no branier – no need for advance registration, entry fee is $2 (TWO!), kids <12 are free. Run as many events as you want – from 50 meters up to 5k. Put together a family 4x100m relay team. Fun event – but also a good opportunity for a fast timed mile in the daylight. If you are in town do it.

4 thoughts on “up the creek

  • July 19, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    LP was not at EC. If he had integrity, he would have already pointed that out.

    Also, he is going on a river cruise in France with a bunch of retirees. While they are touring the quaint little towns along the seine, I expect him to be running the hills to keep his training up.

    • July 19, 2017 at 9:21 pm

      Great catch, Panda. That was a test. LP regularly scoffs at EC, as do others.

  • July 20, 2017 at 12:45 am

    Worst day ever not to wear gloves. I will be wearing them when me and Aunt Gladys are paired up for wheelbarrows in Lyon next week.

    Sting knows I swore off EC back when Promo was still just a young buck in the rut.

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