Oh Thank Heaven for 7’s & 11’s

It’s a sad day when you make up the workout to go with the title. Kinda like a comedian who creates the punchline and then builds the joke backwards. Might be genius, might be stupid. Don’t really know. It was convenient, so to speak.

Here’s how it went over at the ballfield (which we can’t use) in the parking lot at 0530 today.

COP: Plank Stretch, SSH x 15, IW x 15, Merkins x 10

7’s     1KB Swing, 1 Squat Thrust, 2 KB Swing, 2 Squat Thrust … to 7.

11’s   Merkins and Dry Docks   Lunge in between.

7’s    1 Power to People, 1 KB Squat Press…to 7.

11’s   KB Squats and Bulgarian Split Squats  Reverse Lunge in between.

7’s     1 KB Tricep Extension, 1 Renegade Row …to 7


Takeout with heartfelt prayer by M&M.


Looking at the BB, it don’t look like much but the pax  got their money’s worth and a pack of Parliment Lights.

Watching Motley waddle in and moan/groan about getting beat up last night at Carowinds was an extra treat this am. “I did all the roller coasters and scary stuff. We went 93 mph and it was real fast” Whoa Nelly! Call the paper. Brave man posting after going to Scarowinds.

While the pax worked on getting stronger this morning, Kieffer worked on his listening skills and indeed YHC noticed an improvement. Standing directly in front of the Q is helpful. So is paying attention and not talking while the teacher is giving instructions. Not that the “thin man” is not working on total fitness. The commitment to getting better by the “war baby” of Core is resulting in new belts at Casa Keiffer. Cinch up, son! As SS would say.

Ice 9 comes huffing in late complaining about how tiny the place is and he couldn’t find us. Ice 9, the magnificent hurler posts at Meltdown as an FNG.  Welcome. While I never saw any actual hurling he did admit that it was a “real workout” Thanks Ice!! Yeah we kick it old school. No running rest breaks.

Thanks for the keys Rev, you missed a good one today.

BTW, Mingo Fishtrap is a great name for a band and it’s a little known fact is that this is the cover name that one of the F3 Metro bigwigs uses when shopping at the Lululemon Outlet.

C you real soon. Y because we love you. DOREMI



Polk Salad Annie    Tony Joe White

Sixty Acres            James McMurty

All Hail       The Devil Makes Three

Walking in Memphis             Marc Cohn

May the Good Times Never End             Pat Green, Delbert McClinton…

Can’t Rock My Dream Face   Umphrey’s McGee

I’m on Fire         Whitey Morgan and the 78’s

Where the Devil Don’t Stay    Drive by Truckers

Counting Stars   OneRepublic

Watchin’ the River Flow    Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Ronnie Wood

Things Ain’t What They Was      Mingo Fishtrap

Highway 61 Revisited   Billy Joel

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