The Juice is loose

The only juice that was loose this morning was of the sweat variety….zing. Here’s the thang:

Up Mt. St. Gabes, across Sharon Amity & gather in the PUMC lot for COT:

SSH, Mountain Climber, Parker Peter, Squat x 20.

Notice the “Camp Gladiator” folks envying our cadence, form & overall good looks and then split, heading down Knollwood and gathering at the base of Wintergreen.

4 times up Wintergreen with ascending number of exercises each time up….5,10,15, 20 spiderman merkins at the top and 5,10, 15, 20 sumo jump squats at the bottom.

Plank for some core work.

Partner up to run the Knollwood Loop, P1 heads in one direction, P2 in the other, meeting for 20 handslap merkins and 20 partner leg throws

Repeato with 20 partner derkins and 20 partner assisted situps

Plank for some mary & more core work.

Mosey back up Knollwood to the PUMC lot for two sets of sprints, then gathering under the church for people’s chair x 2 with some air presses thrown in x 20

Mosey back to St. Gabes


Welcome to Ryan, our FNG this morning, given the name “Saq”, short for Sacagawea, who helped Lewis & Clark on their expedition. He described himself as a big traveler, with map of the world tat to match, hence the somewhat relevant name. As expected, the ideas quickly spiraled into less savory names but we spared him one of the suggestions of “Porno” in the hopes that he’ll return.

Only 2 F3 Dads gatherings left this Summer, get the kids out there with you while you can.

QSource every Sunday @ 8:15am at Bruegger’s in Cotswold shopping center. Check it out….lots of good food for thought.

Newport with the strong takeout.

Disney has the Q next week, see yall then.

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