Corner Office WoB

A little warm today in the Corner Office.  Gotta close the blinds.

WoB stands for Workout on-a Board.  Portable, reusable, burnable

The Thang

Run down Knollwood

COP: SSH x25, IW x10, Merkins x15

Run up Wintergreen hill

COP: The Squat x20, Mtn. climbers x30

Backwards run to Ferncliff.  Lunge walk. Run back to PUMC lower lot

COP: Heels to Heaven x25, Stagger left x8, low slow flutter x25, stagger right

Run to rails, The dip x20

Run by the truck to pick up the WoB – Workout on a board – run to base of JGSpeedway and partner up.

Partner work.  P1 Run a lab around PUMC.  P2 get started on below.  Combined partner counts to 500

100 Squats, 100 Merkins, 100 H2H, 100 Jump Squats, 100 wide arm merkins

One more lap around PUMC

Peoples Chair, flying buttress with nose taps, donkey kicks – repeato x2

3 minutes of Mary – COT

Welcome to The Eel – his slippery skills enabled him to avoid the headlock for several weeks, but Fizz is relentless.

Great work Gentlemen.  You can take off early today #excutiveworkout

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