15 men gathered under lack of a shadow a of virtual ShovelFlag (CMS budget constraints now means no lighted street lights on the Selwyn Elementary campus).

The Thang:

Run serpentine loop to Harper Valley for SSHs x20, Merkins x15, LBCs x20 and Mountain Climbers x20.

Run to Colony and up and over Spacklers with 5 Merkins at every telephone / utility / light pole (either side, turns out there are a lot) then LBCs x20, Dollys x20 and Flutters x20 at MPHS Arch.

Run up to MPHS Parking Lot (side opposite the steps up to the football field) and partner up.  Partner One runs the loop up the steps and back while Partner Two does the stated exercise then flapjack. Lap One: LBCs. Lap Two: Carolina Dry Docks. Lap Three: Burpees. Lap Four: Rosalitas.  Remain there for Plank- and Rand-o-Rama.

Run to MPHS Tennis Courts for Dips x 10, LBCs x 10 and 10 Derkins. Repeat sets with 15 and then repeat with 20.

Run out to Colony and down to Selwyn Arch for Backward Run to third light post, Side Shuffle back and then Karaoke back to third light post then Bear Crawl to far fence (a bit aggressive, many refuseniks).

Run to starting point for 10 Burpees.


The Moleskin:

That was a good crew out there in the dark.

Quite a few thirty somethings to keep the old men honest too.

Thanks to Cougar for the strong takeout.

Always a privilege and honor to lead.  Thank you.

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