Holding Court at Combine

A small but mighty group of 7 decided to not go gently into that weekend. Here’s what most of Metro missed:


Grab your bells and head towards Myrtle. At the Winthrop stop sign begin lunge walking with a twist until you reach the steps down to the stone wall. Line up along the wall with your bells.


10 step ups with bells, then run to the playground for 5 pull ups and run back. Each time you cross the b-ball court 5 burpees. Repeat for 3 rounds. (This was harder than it sounded in my head.) Handful of flutters at various angles for the ladies.


Up to the tennis courts and line up. Quick renegade row ladder:

-x6 each arm, sprint to the end of the 3rd court and back

-x8 each arm, sprint to the end of the 4th court and back

-x10 each arm, sprint to the end of the 5th court and back


On my count:

-snatches x8 each arm, presses x10 each arm, goblet squats x12

-sprint to the end of the 3rd court and back, then to the fence and back

-cleans x10 each arm, thrusters x10 each arm, standing rows x10 each arm

-sprint to the end of the 3rd court and back, then to the fence and back


Set of 8’s: sumo squat high pulls at the start, double-count diamonds at the end of the 3rd court. A bit more ab work (again for the ladies).


Out to Park. 25 swings on my count. Down to the bottom of the Euclid hill. AYG back up stopping for wide-arms – start with 5 and increase by 5 at each intersection.


Less than a minute left, just enough for 10 burpees.




-It’s summer. It’s hot as balls. You need to get some miles in for BRR. I get it. But 7 at Combine?!? That’s a sad state of affairs for one of Metro’s greatest workouts. I can guarantee that that workout will help you just as much if not more than getting a few extra miles in for the week. If it’s been out of your rotation for a while, get your ass back out there.

-Tclaps to Uncle for getting some pre-game mileage in. Of course Fish was out there pre-gaming as well. Not even sure he owns shirts anymore. Does that make it awkward at work? Only for the men I suppose.

-Fish did realize today that Combine is harder now that his KB outweighs him.

-Rocky Top absolutely crushed it out there. He’s only gotten faster since he hit Respect status. Wondering if he corked his KB.

-Sauerkraut was moving as well and is faster every time I see him. I think it’s because he’s been hanging out with Stinger.

-Hadn’t seen Nut Job in a while. Great to have some young blood out there for a change.

-KC posted, of course, after his HC. Didn’t even complain much today or threaten me in any way.  I kind of missed it.


KC, FW, and I are all going to Peru in January. If you haven’t heard about the trip, I can tell you it’s a life changer. We’d love to have you join us. Feel free to reach out to KC or me for details.



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  • July 21, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    Hot as balls is an accurate way to put it. Great beatdown, always impressed with the arsenal of quality stuff you wheel out. Seemed like this was drawn up on an airplane. Sauerkraut rightfully called me out a few times on form. #winded

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