Mysterious Haze

Quick mosey out of the F3 Metro pin cushion down the street to the best damn parking lot on Clover for COP:

SSH x 25

IW x 20

Squats x 20

Peter Parker x 10

Parker Peter x 10

Back out to Clover, across Sharon Amity to Woodlark stopping at the top of Ferncliff for a ladder:

Start at the to with 10 Merkins/20 Sumo Jump Squats, run down to the bottom of Ferncliff for 12/18; run back to the top for 14/16 until finishing at the bottom with 20 Merkins / 10 Sumo Jump Squats.  Bullwinkle planked for the six while Coach was explaining the inverted veer, or something, to the rest of the PAX.

Next partner up for a trip around the Ferncliff/Audubon loop. Each partner runs one direction. Meet in the middle for 10 Handslap Merkins then back to the start. Mosey to the base of the Ferncliff hill for Partner Wheelbarrow to Danbury followed by good form Lung Walk for a while.

Mosey to the rails by Leroy Fox/Eddies for latter of Dips and Single Leg Squats 20 Dips/5 Squats each leg followed by 16/4, 12/3 on down to 4/1.

Mosey back to the flag for Mary of LBCs, Dolly; Rosalita, R/L Oblique Crunch

Water (Thanks Back Up)


Crotch Rocket announced that there were a lot of guys working on expansion…including him. Most importantly there is a Campaign starting Aug. 1 – Aug. 31 to raise funds to continue the expansion efforts. Contributions will all be tax deductible. The PAX is encouraged to reflect on the opportunity to support sharing F3,an organization that has meant so much to all of us, with more in the future.

YHC apologizes for the SNAFU with the names.  I am not yet a master of my technology (having recently converted from the pen and pad of paper COT, to an attempt at digital recording). I will be better next time.  Normally I can remember the names but was too gassed this morning.

There was some mystery about the Q this morning but Noonan got this booked on Tuesday.  The World HQ at Sign Up Genius was too busy making headlines to update the list I am sure. But on the subject of Mystery Qs, bBefore summer ends and routines take over, why not hit a new or different AO, and sign up to Q at your own AO and a new AO. Variety makes this fun!



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