Taxi, Taxi?

16 showed up for another edition of Sparta.

What we did:
– Mosey to back of the school for quick COP – SSH and Merkins
– The mini Mr Bo x2
– 20 Supine Pull Ups at the bike rack
– Over wall ( 5 burpees if you elect no wall)
– Rail walk  and over fence to track
– 20 dips and then a lap
– 20 merkins

Mary to collect Pax (Thin Slice led)

Mosey to front to parking lot on McDonald and partner up. x2
Partner A – to the school and 20 knee ups
Partner B – through RuSans parking lot to Park to McDonald (stop at bike store for 20 Russian twists)
20 partner merkins when meet

Mary to collect Pax (Thin Slice led)

7s on hill to baseball field with burpees and squats

Grab a coupon – 20 squats / 20 press, ditch coupon and up to school.

Meet back at base of lot entrance and AYG to parking lot.


Unlike my last Sparta Q, YHC actually had a plan this AM.  Definitely wanted to stay on campus since there seemed to be a run on off campus workouts.  Went mostly as planned.  Started with a  modified mini ‘Mr Bo’s loop of fun’ followed by the McDonald loop.  Not the best explanation, but the PAX didnt miss a beat.   7s were supposed to be over the fence but decided to audible. Blaming it on the heat. Felt a little like Clark Griswold this am, Taxi? If you just spent that last 15 mins watching vacation clips (hopefully the original), you are welcome.

Slice was pushing the pace and led Mary after each circuit.  Nabisco & Doobie were right there keeping him company as well (I think).  Props to Bermuda for posting after spending all yesterday ripping out tile.  Said he was pretty beat up but still crushed it.

Announcements – something about running is part of 24 Hours of Booty, so search the site if interested.

Thanks to Doobie and Slice for the Keys and Double Nickels for the takeout (dude is a pro).

-Santa Maria




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