Confession – Taking the High Road

Eight strong posted this morning at the Captain Jack statue ready to move.  High temperature and humidity were not deterrents to this group of men.

This is what we did:

  • mosey through the park then south down the Greenway to Morehead Street;
  • Across Morehead Street to Romany and up the hill (High Road) through Dilworth to Myrtle Street, all down hill from here;
  • Collect the PAX with incline merkins;
  • Right on Myrtle Street over to Morehead Street;
  • Collect the PAX with Dollys and LBCs;
  • Down Morehead with a left on McDowell Street and a right on Baxter;
  • Down Baxter over to Kenilworth, across Kenilworth and back to the Greenway, and north back to the AO.

After 3.5 miles at the AO the PAX hit the water bottles and towels.  Announcements:  Booty Loop this coming Friday – consider donating to F3 team, CORE 5th year anniversary August 12th, LEAP fund raising coming this Fall be on the lookout.

DRM took us out with a thoughtful prayer.

My pleasure to Q this group of men.  Aye!

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