Being the Q is  serious business. and at Diamondhead, in July, it’s even more serious.  That’s because of BRR–you get pax that need a non running workout that boosts the cardio ability while at the same time not beating your feet on the pavement.  In light of this, YHC had the truck loaded before dinner yesterday.  The plan was set, the tunes ready.   I sleep in my workout clothes, shoes at the door, coffee pot on a timer so that the AO can be reached by 520 without anything extreme happening.  Alarm set for 4:50.

Except, the alarm  wasn’t set for 450.  It was set for 630, which is the Saturday GETUPANDGO time.  I actually woke up at 440 and looked at the clock thinking ” I got 10 more minutes!” and rolled over.  When I smelled coffee, I new I was in trouble.   Rolled over to see it was 517.

Luckily, I hit no red lights and arrived at 532.   Nibbs had taken the reigns, which I wrestled back in a no nonsense manner. Quick COP with the standard, then hand out pipes and divided into groups of 4.  Thread the pipe through your KB and head down the sidewalk to the Selwyn playground in catch me if you can fashion.  2 guys do 10, no make that 15 merkins then run and catch their partners. continue to the hill that leads down to the park and then grab your own KB due to the steep incline to the park #safety first.  At the playground,  due 11’s of renegade rows (10 each die) and pull ups. divide into 2 groups to make this more efficient.

Pull the plug when 75% of the group is done and planking–because planking is boring.   Grab an appropriate part of the playground for 11’s doing Bulgarian split squats ( 10 each leg) and Goblet squats ( deep , elbows to knees).

Mosey to far side of playground for 7’s on your 6– straight arm over head pull and reverse crunches.

Re group and head back, same way as you got there but do LBC’s on the way back.


NMM:  I hate being late.  I just hate it.  Not just for F3, but for anything. And I don’t make excuses  when I f*ck up.  You deserve better than a late Q–for one thing, being late means instructions  take longer,  and you don’t have time to double check the site ( would have saved us time if I had the sidewalk short cut down).  To make things worse, I didn’t have time to grab the speaker so no tunes.

For the record, I took all of the sh*t storm that I deserved for being late.  I took it and will continue to take it. That’s the deal. Don’t hold back, I will take all you got and not complain.

Now, on the subject of the beatdown itself, no apologies will be made.  Heavy carries are good for the body.  You burn out, your arm cramps, and you might lose your grip.  But it isn’t dangerous, it is not impossible to do for ANYONE  and it got us to the playground and back in a manner that the journey was a part of the beatdown.  Farmer carries have been done before, and we needed the variety.

Pull ups are hard.  And renegade rows are hard. Put them both together, and you get the wind sucked out of you quickly. Modify your pullups, its you vs. you and no one will judge someone else for how many or how the pull ups are done.   Pull ups are awesome no matter how you do them.

Bulgarian split squats and goblet squats for 11’s get you in every aspect of your legs–quads, glutes, hammies… they all get worked.  Thanks to old bay for noticing when the Q was not getting his elbows to his knees.  However, in my defense, the lateness of the clock kept me from…rectal responsibilities and was trying not to drop a butt nugget.

Thanks for being there, and thanks for the ration of crap which I so richly deserved. For the record, Nibbler insisted that I post the following quote

”  Another sh*t show, man, you never disappoint. #ShitShow”–THE Nibbler

Thanks to Ribeye for the keys.  Even when I screw up and have to take my medicine, Diamondhead is still the best place to be on Monday.

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    Category has to be tagged as Backblast, at that point the PAX list, date, count, and Q fields will show…

  • July 24, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    So Rev sleeps in his workout clothes. I PROMISE all Pax I WILL deal with that in the future in my own special way!

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