Split Endz Share Time

Eleven did the right thang and posted for Monday morning meat market.


  • Trot to COP on the high jump hard stand.
  • Buzzed the Diamondhead COP in sleep formation while doing arm circles or toe touches or some such nonsense.
  • Mosey further to Colony to face the monster.
  • Attack the grinder of Spacklers Hill with several stops for 10x merkins.
  • Recovery at MPHS entrance arch for dips and derkins fest, then onto high school campus to finish derkins and have some chit-chat time about our innermost feelings for less than six minutes of Mary.
  • Return to Selwyn entrance road for pole-to-pole work.
  • Post at Selwyn front door for burpee-fest.
  • Complete in the plank position at launch AO.
  • Bam! Done. COT.

Nekkid News

  • Always good to have new meat in the market and FNG Starkist came to perform. Welcome, brother.
  • Ewok demonstrated his  softer side, blubbering freely, but could not be bribed to fill out a suffering BRR team although Nabisco threw money his way.
  • Pomfret presented an old man knee injury that obviously had been cured with a kiss and a Band-Aid.
  • Sensei Chips suggested getting on the SignUpGenius and volunteering for the Q in you.
  • The Knack came in hot from running elsewhere and gave the pax 1/3 of a workout before beating feet another direction.
  • Ball of stinky, sweaty man prayer launched us into Monday in better condition than when we arrived.
  • Always a pleasure and privilege to visit at the varsity club.
  • Until next time, peace be with you.

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