A Visit to the King

Eleven Ring Run faithful logged some miles on a humid morning.  Here’s what transpired:

Run left out of Christchurch parking lot up Providence to pick up the habitually late H.E. (Gen. Mattis is not going to stand for this nonsense much longer).

Reverse course down Providence to KinderCare parking lot.  15 merkins.

Run up Providence to Vernon; stop in driveway near top of Vernon for 10 merkins, 20 flutters.

Run up Vernon; left on Wendover; cross Randolph and gather up beneath the Onion Rings.  10 merkins, 20 Dollys.  Warm-up over.

Throw in some intervals while proceeding up the big hill on Wendover toward Independence.  Start with 1 minute hard, jogging regroup for 1 minute.  Immediate protest from Sprinkle (what is this?  SIB?).  Follow that with 2 minutes hard, 1 minute jogging recovery.

Regroup in 7-11 parking lot for 15 merkins, 20 Rosalitas.

Continue down Wendover toward our destination, The Arnold Palmer Center, with two minutes hard, one minute jogging recovery.  Run down into the bowels of the Arnold Palmer Center about a half mile.  Regroup in the renal center parking lot with 10 merkins.  We’re late, time to head back.

Two minutes hard up the hill toward Wendover with one minute jogging recovery.  MMOB headfakes to the McD’s bathroom, thinks better of it and keeps heading down Wendover.  Rest of the pax runs one more one minute hard, one minute jog proceeding down Wendover back the way we came.

Retrace steps back Wendover to Vernon to Providence to Christ Church.  COT.


Covered 5.8 miles today with a few exercises sprinkled in.  Not a bad effort.

Always wanted to take a workout to the Arnold Palmer Center and, particularly up that long hill from Randolph toward the Home Depot.  Sorry for the extra time.  Actually, not.

Sprinkle, H.E., Tardy and Egypt leading the pack but a strong effort by all.

Sidewalks need some work and tree trimming on that end of Wendover.  Where is leadership from The Jet when you need him?  This stuff didn’t happen when MMOB was on City Council.


Don’t forget the 24 Hrs. of Booty party at Haywood’s this Friday.  Free but donations encouraged and to be split between 24 Hours of Booty and F3 Foundation.  Leave your alligator arms at home.

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  • July 25, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Thanks RT, I appreciate the link-up given my efforts to scout ahead on your behalf.

    Also, you keep time like an attorney…Way over.

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