BB SIB JUL 25 5×1000

14 showed for the 5×1000. 2 washed their hats in sprinklers it was so humid. Refreshing, maybe? Ask Fishwrap

The Thang:

The Moleskin:

  • Long repeats are great work for teaching you to control pace in the early reps and then finishing strong. “Don’t think too far ahead in this workout – focus on the interval you are in.” If you started off fast, dipped and finished strong or just faded as the workout went on you missed a lot of the benefit. No matter, track work is always fun.
  • Cindy is going to Carowinds tomorrow to avoid the lines. See you there Cindy.
  • Matlock is back at SIB for the first time since April. Welcome back brother.
  • Fish texts me last night about this workout. I think it means we’re friends #eventhoughIleadF3in’hates’onbackblasts

Takeout by Easy rings.


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