The Art of the 10 Count

Pulled into the Men’s Shelter @ 5:25 AM.  Unlike most AO’s which are quiet as Pax slowly roll into the parking lot, the Fortitude AO was already in full swing.

A handful of residents were sitting outside on the porch.  Inside, guys were waking up and putting away their mats as their previous night’s sleeping quarters transformed back into the cafeteria as the staff set up for breakfast.  Usually, Pax leave their homes to post to a workout but for the men of Fortitude, we bring the workout to their home.  That’s one of the many reasons why Fortitude is unique and such a special workout!

The first Pax to arrive was Rev Flo-Rida.  YHC greeted him with “You are early!” – reference to Rev being a few minutes late for his Q @ Diamond Head yesterday.  Rev smiled but not like he meant it.

Kryptonite was the next Pax to appear.  An FNG 2 weeks ago, he missed last week due to work but said he wasn’t missing this week.  Love that commitment!

Soon Pipeline and his 100-watt smile showed up.  Seriously, everything is brighter when Pipeline is around.  Such a positive force.  Within minutes, Fortitude stalwart Happy joined us.  He is one of the few Pax who can rival Pipeline’s smile and positive energy.

A new resident was EH’d and Pipeline helped him find workout clothes (FYI – Fortitude can always use clothing donations).

At 5:45 AM, it was time to get moving so we headed a block away to the field behind Auto Bell.

The Thang

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Mountain Climbers x 15
Copperhead Squats x 15
Flutters x 15

Bent Noah’s Ark
Line up on street side of field
Lunge Walk to fence/ jog back
Bear Crawl to fence/ jog back
Flying Wolverine (standing broad jumps) to fence/ jog back

Cross Tryon/ down 15th St to Church St dead end

Super Ultra Mega Pyramid
4 rounds of running to a different point on Church (each one further than the previous)
Perform exercises/ run back and plank for Six
Rd 1 (Squat): Squats x 20
Rd 2 (Upper body): Add Merkins x 15
Rd 3 (Mary): Add LBC’s x 10
Rd 4 (Pain): Add Burpees x 5

Venture around corner to brick building for People’s Chair
Rd 1: Regular
Rd 2: Regular + Air Presses x 15 (In Cadence)

Mosey to parking lot in front of brick building
Grab a mate for Partner Ladders
P1 does 1 rep of called exercise/ P2 does 2 reps
Alternate up to 10 reps and back down to 1 rep
Rd 1: Merkins
Rd 2: Squats

Circle up for Mary
Dirty Dozen – 12 Ab exercises x 12 reps each (In Cadence)
High Flutter
Freddy Mercury
Heels to Heaven
WWII Sit-ups
Right Oblique
Left Oblique
Low Slow Flutter
Windshield Wiper

Head back to Men’s Shelter

Welcome FNG Fosbury (fka Dixon) who is originally from Liberia where he competed in the High Jump for the national track team.  Thanks for joining us and hope to see you on a regular basis.

Santa Claus, another Fortitude legend, is en route to his home in Cameroon and may not be returning to Charlotte any time soon.  Before he left, Santa Claus said he wanted to start an F3 workout in Cameroon and OBT gave his blessing.  While Cameroon may not be on the F3 Expansion big board, it’s awesome to think of all the American customs he experienced, Santa Claus wants to share F3 with his native land!

One of the benefits of the Men’s Shelter is that it helps the residents get back on their feet so they can live on their own.  That means there are constantly new guys arriving at the Shelter who aren’t familiar with F3.  Pipeline announced we will host a second ice cream social soon to promote F3 and Fortitude to the new residents.  Keep your eyes out for the formal announcement and make plans to attend.

Since many of the F3 residents are no longer staying at the Men’s Shelter, Pipeline is working on a Pax support program so we can stay in touch with these guys after they leave.  This is another important initiative which needs strong Pax participation to be successful.  Please reach out to Pipeline to learn more.

On a lighter note, a couple of the Metro Pax struggled when called upon for a 10-count today.  Fortunately, OBT was in the house to teach these guys the art of the 10-count.  No better way to learn than from F3 Nation’s Weasel Shaker.

Rev with another great take-out.  Its his wheel house and he delivers every time!

Missed Slaughter today – looking forward to his return (hopefully with jokes that are actually funny).

Today was a great experience for YHC.  The spirit of hope and optimism which fills the Men’s Shelter is amazing.  Just being on-site provides one with a different perspective on life.  While many of us are weighed down by burdens we put upon ourselves (directly or indirectly) and lose sight of the real gifts we have every day, the residents at the Men’s Shelter express genuine gratitude and appreciation for the simple things in life.

Like many others before me, YHC signed up to Q Fortitude in order to support this great cause as well as give back to others.  And like the other Q’s undoubtedly discovered, YHC received much more from this morning’s workout than anything I could ever repay.  We may have gone to the Men’ Shelter to lead them in a workout but, at least for YHC, we were the ones who benefited.

Sincere thanks to the following:

  • Pipeline and Slaughter for leading this incredible workout as well as the opportunity to Q today
  • The Metro Pax who posted this morning for their support
  • Country and the other members of the staff who diligently promote F3 among the residents
  • Happy, Kryptonite and Fosbury who graced us with their presence this morning

To the Pax who have yet to post at Fortitude, do yourself a favor and make plans to attend within the next month.



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  • July 25, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    Thanks for great the Q Sump! And thanks to Natasha (owner of Run for Your Life – University) for another large and generous shoe donation!

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