Younger Guns

10 men started their week the hard way.  Here’s what you missed:

The Thang:

  • Mosey down Morehead St to Edgehill Park, stopping along the way for mtn climbers, merkins, dips, burpees
  • Set of 11s across the park with burpees at one edge and knee-ups at the other
    • 3 pull-ups every time you cross the park (that’s 20 times in case you’re counting)
  • Mosey back to Dowd Y with derkins and burpees along the way

The Skine:

  • With Maverick (age 20) and Narc (age 22) dominating the set of 11s, Caesar correctly pointed out that, sadly, we are no longer the Young Guns.  Devastating.  Thank goodness Cindy and Frodo kept something in the tank so they could dominate the sprint home.  These Younger Guns may still have a bit to learn about sandbagging–I mean, pacing.
  • It was good having Maverick back with us.  His burpee form has noticeably improved after 2 years at the Naval Academy.  Who knew that the Navy’s burpee standards are slightly higher than F3’s?
  • Avalanche came all the way from Chapel Hill and only said three words total.  His mile-to-word ratio was by far the highest of the Pax.  Also, he had no trouble keeping up, which is a good sign for F3 Chapel Hill.  Thanks for coming out, brother.  Hope to see you again soon.
  • I’m very disappointed I missed last week’s trip up to the top of The Vue.  Multiple people told me that the way Starbuck ran them to the building, they didn’t know what building they were in and, for some reason, thought it stopped at floor 15.  I can’t imagine a worse feeling than hitting floor 15 and realizing you still have 36 floors to go.  Well played, Starbuck.  I hope you run that back sometime soon.

Thanks for the lead, fellas.

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