Bat Flipper Request Received and Accepted

15 including 2 All-World bat flippers came out for the weekly ego boost known as Ranger.

One of the best things about getting to a workout early is watching the various pre-launch routines of the pax. The most common, of course, is to roll out of the car with a few minutes to go for some half-assed stretching routine.  But some are more interesting.  I hadn’t seen this one before, but Starbuck had some dynamic stretching/jogging thing going on just outside his car while blaring 90’s hip-hop.  Didn’t realize Starbuck was old enough to listen to 90’s music, but there it was.  Cindy’s in his car bouncing to the latest hard-core rap.  Swamp rolls in exactly on time, every time.  No wasted minutes.  No stretching needed.  He’s just that good.  Topham lumbers in, slowly, looking like he got up just moments earlier, but almost always smiling.  Fish runs in, no matter what.  No telling what mile he’s on.  Probably varies by day and location.  But rest assured he’s running.  Lee runs in a lot too.  Every time I want to pat myself on the back for getting up at this stupid hour for these workouts, there’s always pax doing more, going further.  Frustrating.

Anyway, here’s what we did:

  • Merkins x 12 and hold
  • Xfits x 12 and hold
  • Wide-arms x 12 and hold

Hot mosey over to the top of the stone bleachers.

  • Down to the bottom of the bleachers for 10 jump-ups, back to the top for 10 burpees.
  • Repeat for 5 rounds.

Down Park, left on Charlottetowne to the top of the CPCC deck near 4th.

  • Bear crawl across
  • Burpee broad jump back
  • Bear crawl across
  • Sprint
  • Sprint
  • Sprint

Out of the deck and over to the top of Lizzy Lurker.

  • Down to the 1st crosswalk, 12 diamonds, back to the top, 12 diamonds. Repeat with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th crosswalks.
  • Quick round of flutters.
  • Down to the 2nd crosswalk, 10 stagger rights, backwards run to the top, 10 stagger lefts. Repeat to the 3rd crosswalk.
  • Boat/canoe at Cindy’s request.

Back to the top of the CPCC deck.

  • Bear crawl most of the way across
  • Sprint
  • Sprint
  • Sprint

Jail break home for COT


  • Ranger’s always a kick in the nuts, but for some reason I love it. Although the last couple times out I’d been missing the bat flipper edge. I appreciate Swamp and Cindy answering my shout-out on the Twitter.
  • Those stone bleachers are a crusher. Legs never really recovered.
  • Some good races on the sprints. Swamp and Cindy of course, but also Fish and CMD when they were feeling it.
  • Fish destroyed the Lizzy suicide. If you want to slow him down a bit make him run backwards.
  • I can’t tell who enjoys the inevitable trolley race up the lurker more, Swamp or the trolley driver. Quick race recap.
    • 1 of the pax: “Who won, Swamp?”
    • Swamp: “Who do you think?”
  • Awesome having Checkpoint and his 2.0 Maverick both out. Remember when you used to get up over your college summer break for a 5:30 AM workout? I don’t. If there’s ever some father/son combo athletic competition, my money’s on these two.
  • CMD, thanks for the keys. Keep Ranger angry.



Please lift up Missing DE and his family. DE’s 2.0 Fletcher (8) has to have heart surgery in August.


Other Announcements:

  • Haywoodstock kicks off this Friday 7/28 at 7PM, 1645 Queens Road West – band, beer, BBQ. It’s an opportunity to hang out with your brothers, meet their better halves, and watch the F3 Gears Team in action. Help the boys raise money to fight cancer with ’24 Hours of Booty’ –
  • F3 is Leaping all over the country. Demand is endless, but funds are not. Help give it away by donating to


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