Its like a sauna in here…

Since getting the reins of BlackWidow from Newport and Belly, Itcher Big Worm and I have been searching for new ways to keep the Tuesday fire alive for the PAX.  What better way to stoke that flame than to post up the fiery pit known as the HotBox .  But that’s not all, to keep the sparks flying, the doors of the corner office were opened up to allow the PAX a dose of extreme stair climber action, without the need for the gym membership.

Tha thang…

Tower of Terror Prep: cones ready, signage in place, key fob in tow, head to the AO

Park and Plant the Black Widow Raidermade shovel flag, still holding strong since 04/15/14.

Awfully quiet this am, no PAX for EC, not even Coach…

Solo Sad Clown EC around the TPC stockpile down Providence to the .5 mile mark, turnaround and head back up to the ultimate day care, left towards the dumpster pull, right on  super dark street, and back to the AO where the PAX were awaiting….managed to catch BlackJack in the BlackFord, heading out to a different, and apparently awesomer AO….

Pick up the PAX and head out

Run down Westbury; backwards up the darkest road in C-rock (cause we can); warmups in the parking lot to confuse the PAX on the master plan… the earlier tweet aluded to the tower and hotbox I wanted Nibbler to think that the plan had changed, he wasn’t fooled and attempted to bait me into a full 45 min of parking lot punishment…next time Nibbler, next time.

Warmup with 25 SSH, attempted to work on the flailing form of Nibs and lack of form from Coach, knowing that these two together were a tough combination for any Q, as such the mumblings and beatings continued…

10 Long slow Merkins, followed by 20 3 count flutters, then 15 Mountain climbers and we were ready to go.

Back to the corner office with a quick stop at Eddie’s place wall for the Double D, 20 Dips and 15 Derkins.

Through the hedge and down to the Hotbox, much to the chagrin of Coach who threatened to boycott, but he didn’t.

Grab a Partner and begin the coupon clippin..

  1. 200 Curls TOTAL with Partner flapjacks carrying mini coupon to the wall and back
  2. 150 Squats same flapjacks

Burnt Up Pretty good after this one, the HotBox was living up to its reputation.

Next up was the Tower of Terror:

Partner 1:

Repeat Sets of ….

5 Pull ups

10 Hand Release Merkins

15 Squats

20 3 Count Flutters

Typically enough time for 2 full sets while partner was running the tower…

Partner 2: Up the 98 Steps through the office and down the other side, out the back door and down to the HotBox

The PAX got a bit split up on this one but it was brutal and fun.  Bambino was kind enough to ask about dropping bombs in the company bathhouse (thanks for that BTW), while Madras no doubt was hitting up the water fountain cause being macho makes him thirsty.

Three rounds of the tower were enough for most and we were approaching time so out of the HotBox we went.

Mosey back towards the AO with a quick stop for some plank work and sprint down Crosby. Nibbler got a head start, and I almost caught Coach but his earlier sandbagging proved beneficial.



DeerTick:  MIP Saturday 07/29/17 at 09:00 at the Charlotte Rescue Mission MIP LOCATION 

One of the graduating men is returning to Q the workout this Saturday.  It is sure to be an amazing experience. Be there if you can in support of this rising HIM.

PATINO: Roaring Riot Tailgaiters: Tailgating season is right around the corner…over the past 8 years Patino and his boys have donated over $26K so far to various charities and have had a great time doing it! Find out more here: 



GRIZZLY: 24 Hours of Booty this weekend, 24 hours of F3 will also be kicking off

A call to FLOOD THE ZONE Kicks off Friday night (July 28th) at 7PM with many parties on the loop, including an F3 House Party known as HaywoodStock (band, beer, BBQ) Family friendly and there are events for the 2.0’s. M’s welcome too.

Find out more here: 

Flyby from Belly Itcher, cant wait for that guy to quit running around the hood so much and take a fresh Black Widow Q session….

KY steps up for the takeout, wonderful words focused on the foundation of what we do and the passions we live with everyday.

Video Backblast is up and can be found here: 

Embrace the Day.

Video Backblast

5 thoughts on “Its like a sauna in here…

  • July 27, 2017 at 2:54 am

    A few details on 24HOB:
    Detail #1: If you can’t come out and want to support your F3 Gears team, you can still donate.  Here’s the link:
    Detail #2: if you’re in Charlotte and want to come out to see it all live, “Haywood-stock” is taking place once again at his house on the corner of Bucknell and Queens Road West.  Get there early as his house is on the inside of the loop.
    Detail #3: the event starts at 7pm Friday night and rolls through 7pm Saturday night.  Come out and support the PAX on two wheels!

    More info to come on the 24HOF3

  • July 27, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    Grizz – the video BB are a nice touch. Kudos! How about you bring that little cube to Bandit one day. We need some video evidence for exercise audit purposes….no naming names.

    • July 27, 2017 at 3:26 pm

      you got it…I’ll bring the head strap too for some First Person Fox Perspective

      • July 27, 2017 at 6:23 pm

        Put those videos on YouTube or some kind of hosting option and you’d be able to embed them in posts..

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