Randolph Mental Institute

Typically posting in Area 51 I wanted to double check some geography around the school and pulled up the AO on Google maps. I noticed that the school was re-named “Randolph Mental Institute” which well sums up the group of nuts that typically post here. I knew I had to come up with something crazy.


5 made it on time to EC including one (Flutie Flakes) accidentally made it on time to EC – Spooky John, Rhapsody, Flutie, Foreclosure and I left at 5:15 – recognizing that no one there today was at EC last week I literally scrapped my plan and stole Stinger’s from the week prior and we hit up Cotswold Middle and did some pull up sit up combos with 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2. Then we ran back to pick up the PAX. It seems 3 guys led their own EC around the track – KC, Stinger and someone else I couldn’t see came through the gloom making various excuses about not making it on time, we took off…


What had happened was..


Run to Linda Ln. and partner up at the bottom of the first hill….

Partners reverse run up opposite hills, 10 jump squats at top and meet at the bottom for 10 HS Merkins. X3


Run to wall on the back of the school…

20 thigh slappers, bear crawl 15 feet to grass, 10 merkins and run up the stairs and around the circle – X3


Run to football field and grab a paver….


 50 totals

Round 1 

40 shoulder presses – run 100 yards – 10 merkins – run 100 yards back

30 shoulder presses – run 100 yards – 20 merkins – run 100 yards back

20 shoulder presses – run 100 yards – 30 merkins – run 100 yards back

10 shoulder presses – run 100 yards – 40 merkins – run 100 yards back


Round 2

Same thing as above but we did Curls and Sister Mary Catherine’s and ran 50 yards both ways


Head to track…


Cool down Indian run for 200 meters then sprint the rest of the way back to the main lot.


At the main lot…


Find a parking space line and plank over it…

5 merkins, plank walk to the right, 5 plank jacks, plank walk back to the left..

4 merkins, plank walk to the right, 4 plank jacks, plank walk back to the left…

etc…….we took this down to 1 and then went back up to 5 total.




At Linda Ln. I noticed that the Light Post group ran a lot farther than the Stop sign group. I forgot to tell you but I gave you guys 10 bonus points for that.


As we started round 1 we saw a guy in full sprint at the top of the hill thinking we had made it to Cotswold already, it was Narc and thanks to the mumble chatter, probably from KC, he heard us and joined along. Note: Narc’s “back up” alarm clock went off at 7:10 at Starbucks, so even though he was late at least he didn’t fart sack it.


Most of the workout was a race between Rhapsody and Narc.  Narc’s got a nice “suit job” now so he’ll be doing a lot less soccer and a lot more Cheetos at break time. It’ll be interesting to see if Rhapsody can find a way to take advantage of the situation. Caesar, Stinger and Maradona were all busting tail the entire workout. Caesar kept flying by me on each round of the thigh slapper runs and then somehow would end up behind me again. Either he is Captain America and doing double laps or he has perfect “thigh slapping form”. Something all of us men would love to get down.


Former Area 51 guy Flutie Flakes was down from some place called New Hampshire. He accidentally arrived early and was forced into EC. He held his own and ended up putting in the full hour before his “uptown meeting”. He’s leading an F3 up in NH and doing his part on helping us take over the world. Nice job!


Some people mentioned that if you can get KC to complain then you’re doing a good job. I heard some complaints but I didn’t get the full chewing out that I’ve heard in the past. Maybe I’ll mix in some burpees or partner carries next time.


Promo has always been one of the hardest workouts I post at so it was a lot to live up to and  it was a fun challenge. Thanks to KC and Rhapsody for letting me lead. Thanks to the great men of Promo for following along.



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