Sticks & Stones

Eleven of F3Metro’s finest took Daisy’s advice to never skip Mondays . They didn’t get breaks and bones but they did get sticks and stones.

Circle up for COP of SSH, IW, Copperhead Squats, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Don Quixotes then run out of the Mint parking lot up Randolph (careful to cross in crosswalk) to the base of the little league parking lot for 11s up the hill. At the top 10 Merkins, at the bottom 1 Turkish Get Up.  Keep going until you get to 1 Merkin and 10 Turkish Get Up.  The storm the night before let a lot of sticks on the path.  The PAX was fortunate not to slip or trip and break some bones.  When not looking out for debris, we had to look out for Whim who was absolutely crushing it up and down the hill.  Way to push us Whim.

Mosey back across Randolph, past the back of the Drs’ Office to the RockPile.  Grab a stone that will challenge you. Circle up for some quick Mary then time for some arm work. Three rounds of curls, overhead press, and tricep extensions.  Between each round pass your rock clockwise. Run back to the Mint for a minute of Burpees and then COT.


Great group today.  One FNG. Lots of regulars who have not Q’d.  Variety is fun. By Aug 15 everyone should have signed up for their first Q. Daisy, Sparty, or any others who have Q’d will help you get started. Here is the Link:

Lots of chances to give back, whether at Whim’s Race, 24HOB, Heywoodstock, August F3 Expansion Fund Drive…many others.

An honor to have the chance to lead today.  Thank you. Sparty


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