#SpeedRuck Pre-Blast

When: Fridays 5:15-6:15

Where: Christ Church Parking Lot

Google just gave us the AO…

What: Speed Ruck

Plan on 4 miles on the flying squirrel route at a sub 14 min/mi pace, bring heavy stuff to carry and a pack to hold it.

What is a Speed Ruck you ask?  Speed Ruck is like walking from home depot with a bag of sakrete and you get caught in a rain storm so you have to walk fast to get home before it sets up but your too slow and the sakcrete set up, then you have to walk back to home depot and return said bag, much to the confusion of the cashier who will call on the Manager on Duty, who just left for his lunch break, then get redirected to building materials who said that sakcrete cant get wet, but because home depot prides itself on its return policy and customer service ,the cashier takes it back and issues you a gift card, but the price has gone up since the first purchase and you forgot your wallet, so you have to walk back home and then you get stuck on the couch watching golf and your wife asks how the fence post repair is going and you tell her about the relentless price gouging of building materials.   Its like that, but no couch.

Topics range from harambe pajamas, to anal bleaching,

Choose your own adventure.

Dogs welcome, no cats, except Ligers.



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