Butt Sculpting and Bee Stings

A perfectly round number of 7 Sons thundered forthwith this morning to sharpen minds, bodies, and spirits.  Here’s what you missed/they did:

Warm up lap around the parking lot


Copperhead SquatsX20

IWX10 to keep the PAX guessing


Runners stretch from a Hot Box workout

Run the back way to the Mint Museum

Grab a bench for 11’s….Tijuana Bench Warmers and Jumps Ups

Jack Webb up to 5 and back down

Grab a partner (not literally but compatibility is important)

Partner 1 runs to the top of Eastover for 5 Monkey Humpers

Partner 2 does 10 Tijuana Bench Warmers and 20 Squats (rinse & repeat)


Partner 1 runs to the top of Eastover for 5 Turkish Get-Ups

Partner 2 does 20 Fire Hydrants and 20 leg extensions

“Ladder of Opportunity” run to the top of Hempstead

Head back to the parking lot

Circle it up with bricks for a round of GAAP Shitters (courtesy of Sparty) for 10 sec. a piece (unless you’re Chop saw, then you count in increments of 5)


Solid group, no slacking or sandbagging.  Fry Daddy got stung by something not once but twice by something.  We’ve stirred up a hornets nest of exercise.  (B)Deertick was concerned about the butt sculpting of fire hydrants and leg extensions.  Sorry, bro…we don’t all have the guns for sleeveless shirts but if you come to YHC’s apartment pool, maybe you can flex with some of my neighbors.  I’m pretty sure K2 was wearing swimming shorts, maybe in anticipation of greater humidity?  Wally didn’t go to UNC(CH) but I believe Holy Cross likes it’s alumni to blend in with Carolina residents.  Quiet day from Evil Scout but he’s throwing a party in his neighborhood this weekend, everyone and all their friends are invited.  Good to have Chopsaw back, keep at it brother.


Support MIP tomorrow, Q slots available

BBQ and music festival tonight to support the 24 hrs of booty on Queens Rd

Inspire Run http://inspire.itsyourrace.com/event.aspx?id=9772

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