You ain’t in my set, you ain’t my friend

Around the back of the school, over the Sparta wall (for most of us), around the outside of the track and down to the playground. 10 pullups then up Elmhurst to the stop sign & plank until the pax are all accounted for.

Take Elmhurst all the way to South Blvd stopping at every cross street for 10 diamond merkins (7 stops).

The Slice led Mary to collect the six. Flutters, Russian twists IC.

Across the street & into the new Harris Teeter parking lot.  20 dips on the wall, across to the other side of the lot for 10 burpees.  2 rounds.

Mary to collect the six.

20 derkins off the wall, to the other side of the lot for 20 squats. 2 rounds.

To corner of Elmhurst & South for 4 corners lap around the block – 5 burpees, 10 jump squats, 15 wide arms, 20 knee ups.

Rinse & repeat the 4 corners lap but this time run the opposite direction.

The Slice led Mary/merkins (triple shot of regular/diamonds/wide arms) #crowd pleaser.

Take Elmhurst back to Sedgefield park hitting each cross street for 10 diamonds  (6 stops).

The Slice led Mary to collect the six.

To the track.  400 lap backwards, 20 merkins. 400 forwards, 20 merkins.

Mosey around to the front of the school. 16 derkins off the curb.



Prayers up for Missing De and his family, as his 2.0 Fletcher faces upcoming heart surgery.

Pate rallying the troops for an F3/FIA Speed for Need convergence in October. Much more detail coming soon.


Lots of speed in the pax today. Ceesus out front but Slice kept him honest. Nabisco, Fox, Curly & Dover pushing hard as well. Unclear what brought the OG out but he seemed impressed with the Q.

Tclaps to Double Nickels for yet another strong takeout.

2 thoughts on “You ain’t in my set, you ain’t my friend

  • July 28, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    Another strong Q from the Q with the most frequent Q’ing points. Fracking Qpendous

  • July 28, 2017 at 10:43 pm


    I love BB DGAF attitude on the monkey bar pull ups. Dude takes up the middle cannabolizing 3 spots. So what did Curly and I do, we jumped him and shared the same rungs. So both BBs hands shared a rung with either me or Curly on either side as we face him nose to nose and stare him down as we do pull ups right in his face. He was the cream in this gray shirt sandwich. Two dudes one bar.

    When Doobie Q’s he rarely gives the pax an opportunity to heckle him. He didn’t give any openings today but Cindy created some, good to see nothing phases Doobie aka old reliable. Nice Q brother.

    And many prayers for MD and his family.

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