Superman burpee suicides … oh yeah!

Post at Attila on Friday morning and the weekend can be anything you want it to be.  You make a large deposit of calories into your splurge bank, crank up “Living For The Weekend” by Wet Willie, and hit the ground running for a no-excuse, let it loose couple of days.  (At least that would have been the plan in my younger days.)

18 pax stopped at the Attila ATM today to make their weekly sweat deposit.  In the end the receipt read:

Mosey to Vivace Circle for standard warm-o-rama.  SSH, IW, and MC’s.

Now, Take it all the way down Metropolitan Dragway repeating Gorilla hops x 10, walking Imperial Walkers x 10, and Clap Lunges x 10.  Plank till all arrive.

Mosey to bottom of Taget deck.  AYG up first ramp with 10 monkey humpers at bottom, midway and at top.  Mosey across deck to second ramp.  AYG up ramp with 10 plankjacks at bottom, midway and at top.

Line up on one end of deck top.  Superman burpee suicides to the other end. (AYG two sections to middle of deck, backward run one section, one superman burpee, AYG two sections, backward run one, one superman burpee, AYG two sections, backward run one, superman burpee, AYG to end.

PC with 20 air presses, 10 Tysons (welcome back from extended vacation My Sharona), PC with right/left leg out, dolly x 25.

Repeat Superman burpee suicides to other end.

BTW with seven hip slaps each side, 10 merkins, j-lo’s x 10, deep squats x 10.

Superman burpee suicides back across.

Decline PP x 10, 10 diamond merkins, double protractor, Side Straddle Squats x 10.

Superman burpee suicides back across.

Donkey kicks x 10, doublewide merkins x 10, dieing cockroach, rosalita (extended version so that Rev could get to my favorite part of the Springsteen song).

Superman burpee suicides again.

Mosey down stairs to Target rails.  Two rounds of extended overhand and underhand ISO inclines.  Hold boat position to rest arms.  Another round of ISO inclines.  Hold boat position.  One more round of ISO inclines then back to start for COT.


Lots going on with the Core group (so much I couldn’t keep track of all the announcements), not the least of which is the upcoming new leap of the Leap program.  Great stuff – all under the leadership of Starfish.

Speaking of Starfish (he of the Dash and Metro groups), he will be relocating to Austin TX soon. Send off occurs next Wednesday at 5 pm at Providence Road Sundries.  We’ll surely miss him on a regular basis but look forward to frequent visits … and hopefully his patented beatdowns when he’s around.

Take out by Tesla.

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