An Ugly Mixer

Remember mixers when you were in college…when the fraternities and sororities would get together for a dance and everybody would show up wearing their very best, hair coiffed, shoes shined, smelling like lilacs and lavender?  Well this was like that except  everyone wore workout clothes, had bed hair, and smelled like a combination of Speed Stick and fart.  More fart than speedstick.

But, we were here, the men of Silver Bullet graciously allowing the men of Core to utilize their AO in light of the 24 Hours of Booty keeping us from being able to arrive at our traditional spot.   And so , we mixed.   Here’s how we  ‘mixed it up”, so to speak…


Standard COP of 20 ssh, iw, ao Sharon towes then 10 merkins.  All in cadence, cuz that’s how we roll.

Divide into groups of 4 to practice getting YHC to the gas station as my gas guage is unreliable at best.  While one group is pushing the truck around the lot, the rest are doing called exercises.  switched to groups of 3 when YHC noticed the circumference of the circle the truck was being pushed in was getting smaller and smaller. Called exercises included seal jacks, dry docks, mountain climbers, freddy mercury, LBC, copperhead squats, alternating lunges, and flutter.

Mosey to fence facing Providence road for Tiajuana dreamers combined with an indian run, creating a display of gluteus maximus that probably caused more than one driver to snort their coffee out their nose.   At the corner, mosey to the play ground leg work– sets of 20  squats, alternating lunges,  elbows inside knees squats, and side lunges.

Mosey to next playground for merkin work– sets of 20 derkins, regular merkins, diamonds,  dry docks, wide arms.

Mosey to back of church for mary. 20 each LBC, freddy mercury, dying cock roach,  heels to heaven and dolly.

Guys from silver bullet that had to split off did so at the 45 minute mark while the core faithful grabbed rocks for tabatta work– curls and flat back straight arm pull overs.  Had time for a little Monty Python before time was called.


NMM: Thanks to the pax from silver bullet for letting us come over.  Had a blast using a new AO and getting to know guys I don’t see beyond coffeteria.  Hopefully this was a balanced workout and we all got what we needed.\

Announcements:  send off for starfish at Providence sundries Wednesday starting 530ish.  Will be followed by a 5 course fancy shmancy dinner at Raiders.

Somebody let raider know we are coming…

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