Cool Core Confession Corriendo


We had a big turnout of core faithful this Sunday morning for about a 5K run (corriendo, en espanol) over in the Elizabeth neighborhood.  Your loyal Q enjoyed leading this fine group.  Present were Hall Pass, Eminem, LaLanne, Do Re Mi, Skoal Bandit, Rocketman, Hoe Down, My Sharona, Van Winkle, Grapevine, Peppers and Keefer.

We began with a wee bit of stretching, and then set off in a big loop roughly around the Sunflour bakery COP.  Among us were some jack rabbits, inspired by this the first cool morning in six or eight weeks.  We thus quickly became strung out on our route.  No worries though, as Grapevine and others were happy to lead some interim exercises that kept some of us going until we could all catch up.  Some of us were feeling more fit than others and led the group really well (Rocket).  Your loyal Q was not one of them, as I was feeling my age acutely.

We completed our route and circled back to Sunflour.  Announcements of note are the upcoming Core five year anniversary workout, and the farewell libations celebration for Starfish coming up shortly.  Doe Re Mi also reminded us of F3s expansion plans and the opportunity we all have to make a contribution to this via the F3 foundation.  Details about this are posted on the F3 website, under the Give2Give campaign. There is actually a $10,000 matching gift available to us, so we should do all we can to claim this prize.

Word has it that F3 is now SIXTEEN THOUSAND MEN STRONG. Our expansion efforts give us an opportunity to keep that growth going and to make sure it is sustainable.

Eminem took us out, referencing the beauty of the creation around us, and the many blessings we are lucky enough to enjoy.

SYITG, men,


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