Lori Ln.

9 Pax gave YHC the signal that they wanted to get wet and bitten by ants, so off we went.

This should also – or mainly – be posted on the F3 South Charlotte site, but YHC can’t figure out his log-in credentials for it. IT transitions are hard. Hard, man.

Mosey through the Darkest Public Playground in Charlotte (TM) to the big-ass field for COP: SSH x20, Mtn Climbers x20, squats x15, ‘mericans x15, jumping lunges x10.

Mosey to the Botton of the little hill over by the woods. Bear crawl up and run down, x2. Crab walk up, run down. Exit the field and playground, enter the tennis courts

Suicides to the sidelines of each court…x2 regular…then from 6-inch plank position. COP in middle of court to avoid Kirk’s mushroom cloud: LBC x30, Heels to Heaven x15, Protractor for a while

Back to the sidelines…backward-run suicides (only marginally successful form), and forwards again, from on-belly position. Exit court right.

South on Carmel, south on Colony for a bit. Poke through the portal to LINDA LANE. Circle up under the street light for stagger-right and -left merkins x10 each, Freddy Mercury x15.

Jacob’s Ladder to 7, with burpees at bottom of hill. Plank at top for the six. Some Mary.

Run to Carmel MS, with some backwards run in parking lot. Regroup at the Dadaism benches for dips x15, derkins x15, step-ups each leg x10, repeat with x10, x10 and x5.

Circle the school, stopping for People’s Chair with some air presses. Politely speed past the clipboarders, regroup at Camilla and Camilla. AYG back, with 5 diamonds at each speed hump. Finis.


Man, it felt nice out there today. I didn’t even notice my wet hands and feet, but Hamlet certainly did. I’d hate to be around when his wife finds an ant in his house and asks him to kill it. #callorkin. Love Boat had both shoulders replaced with pure biometric titanium a while back, and as a result does some of the best deconstructed exercises I’ve ever seen. Great to see One Eye back, after an extended absence for #turftoe. Agony was not wearing long camo pants, but Run Stopper was wearing camo shorts and knitted yarn shoes, so it sort-of balanced out. Kirk dropped a bomb so bad on the tennis court they canceled afternoon Park n Rec singles lessons. #mopitup. ‘Bout Time is damn fast and doesn’t say much. There may be a correlation there. Good to see Aquafresh running in and out – he’s tearing up the COCAC-area streets these days.

Keep Jennifer Littlefield in your prayers as she battles an aggressive colon cancer diagnosis. Thanks for Dr. Fart for the takeout.

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