24hob visit- Mustang

A few remaining pax that had not partied too late at the 24hob party, still riding the 24hob or on vacation gathered to go for a Booty tour.  We were 10 strong which is light for Mustang for sure.

After waiting for DIB to get out of his car we were off toward Selwyn hanging a right on roswell and working our way to the Selwyn/QRW intersection where we found a good prominent spot on the island for some warm up!  SSH x 24, Merkins 24x  — just in time for a train of Gears riders coming thorugh.  We then moseyed over to Croydon in the section between QRW/Selwyn  — we did 3 trips up and down that section with 8 cross fit merkins at one end and then 2 burpees and 4 squats at the other end getting a course view at each end….  from there we went toward queens university left on wellsley down to the parking lot beside bootyville where we found Boomer coming in to take a break  — we did a repeato or the 3 trips right beside the fence where all the tents are set up  ( probably 100 of them)…. from there we made out way to Haywoods front yard for some mary  — 24x freddy mercury, lbc, and few others followed by a minute of elbow plank ( crowd favorite).  Haywood came out with his coffee to find out what was happening in the front yard and offered water to the pax.

We then were starting to feel the heat of this muggy day as we made our way back to our warm up spot for some more 24x count exercises and more elbow planks.

As we wound our way back to MP we stopped once more for some 24x count mary then moseyed back up the last hill to the lot.

5 miles we covered and some got a 24hob education

no announcements

take out seated by Marconi

Thank you for the opportunity to lead this work out – it was a first for me,



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