Old School

Egypt has been harassing me repeatedly to post a backblast for last Friday’s Corner Office at PUMC, so I am belatedly obliging.    11 PAX slept in a little late and were treated to a traditional bootcamp (my Garmin says we ran just under 1.5 miles).   I can’t remember much else about the workout now, but I think we did plenty of arm circles, windmills and monkey humpers.  No wait, we did derkins, dips, bear crawls, burpees and ballz to the wall.    Everyone enjoyed the burpee ladder at the end of the workout, especially the part where we moved forward only 10 feet between each set (#norest).  Good mix of old and young guys out there.   Chum has been beating the bush at PUMC and successfully EH’ed several Millennials, who have been regulars at CO this Summer.   Rocky Top and Zales were out front much of the time.   Thanks to Chum for the thoughtful take out (always good to have a preacher in the PAX).

So, now that I have the rather lame backblast out of the way, I must use this space to ask whether anyone else is struggling with the new Metro site?   I know Uncle and others(?) are still tweaking it, and I know we should give  time to work out the bugs, but I am finding myself lost on the new Metro page (frankly, any IT tool more recent that the Commodore 64 scares me).   Generally, I subscribe to the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle – you know, like Twitter and Strava – where everything scrolls down the screen in chronological order.   Right now, I can’t see any order to new site, so I click on a bunch of links and then give up.   I also need clarification on the “hate” button?  Is this new tool exclusively reserved for Cindy and Subway as part of their never-ending feud?   If not, and I become inclined to ‘hate’, would I be hating on the person, the workout, the backblast — or all of the above?    Are you going to create a list backblasts with the most “hates” each week as an enticement to read them?  And why would I want to read those?

Thanks to Malko and to Egypt for their leadership to get Corner Office rolling this Summer.  It has been a great chance to reconnect with some PAX that don’t post at the same AO very often.



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