On our game

22 Metro Playa’s took part in the most recent running of the #jabberwocky. Here is what went down..

The thang

Preblast was as advertised…

Added the ‘WIB exit’ to the end of the Jabberwocky which is 10 crossfit merkins at each speedbump and then AYG back to the lot from the stop sign.


Beautiful crisp morning, I don’t know where this weeks weather came from, but I like it a lot. The #jabberwocky did not disappoint, I think 4 laps around the pond will net about 3.5 miles along with the run in and out of the park.  Curly and Missing De out front most of the way with Doobie/Santa Maria and Uncle/Teaser Pony close behind. Teaser Pony is thick and will body slam you if you look at him the wrong way. Missing De awkwardly agreed to the Curly partnership knowing full well there would be no let up for the 45. We need more Curly’s in f3..

The PAX collectively gave this workout a 92% on the #tomatometer way up from the %71 it got when @Slaughter initially rolled it out. The modifications were put in to take advantages of the new features added to Freedom Park lately. More of this to come in the upcoming weeks..It’s BRR season and lots of PAX getting their run on, but mixing in the chest work got us right. The SIB guys probably/definitely have soccer arms today and are giving themselves ‘kudos’ on strava as we speak. #dontdothat

FNG’s the Mooch and Captain Hook got a rude introductory session to F3 as the WIB is becoming more Young Guns (except with actual PAX showing up. #RIP) than it is WIB. Thinslice’s (who rolled up to the workout on a granny bike?) FNG Mooch got his name because someone had to get that name given the legend status of the real Mooch.  Captain Hook attended ECU so that got him that name. Seriously, how about this young fella @Stroke coming on the scene this week??? 22yo out of college, 2nd post in a row and driving is mom’s Yukon to the workout! That put Red Warrior at War Daddy.

Perfect takeout by Curly who reminded us how blessed we are. Prayers to Missing De and his family headed into surgery for his son Fletcher.

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