Short Bursts and CircleofPainDrain

An uncharacteristic cool August morning greeted 23 Pax arriving to their beloved Black Widow AO. Old Glory made her presence known. Soon it was go time and off the PAX went for some short burst runs out of Trinity Presby on their way to Providence Baptist’s yuge Parking lot

The Thang

Run down Montclaire to Stop Sign Simple Warm Up 20 SSH, 20 IW good form

Next Stop 30 low slow squats, Next Stop Rutledge 15 Merkins

Arrive Big Parking Lot @Providence Baptist

Sprint to Middle of Parking Lot and Back. Sprint all the other end of Lot

Circle Up

5 exercises(1 chest & upper body, 2 lower body/core, 2 ab exercises

HIIT Circuit 50 seconds exercise/10second rest complete all 5 exercises in set UvsU or a 60%’s wet dream

1st round Merkins, Heels to Heaven, SquatThrusts, Alternating Lunges, Squats

Sprints Forward and Backward and Back

2nd Round Man-Maker Merkins, Rosadollies, Freddie Mercury, Squats, Alternating Lunges

Lunges to light run to median then to other side of lot Q took time over grassy median

3rd Round Carolina Dry Docks, Plank, Flutter, Squats, Alternating Lunges

Alarm goes off head back to Trinity stop collect Clydesdales 25 LBCs

Short Burst to next stop sign quick squats and lunges to light mosey to bottom of Montclaire

Up hill AYG, clock still read 6:14 call squats to 6:15 only got 2 til time is up. On time!!


Naming Ceremony

Newport Take Out praising the fresh air and the new opportunities for the day and our FNG


  • Welcome FNG The RedSnapper. One of the most memorable naming sessions ever….Welcome Brian “I put the Balls in” Balser.  Saddle up to F3’s Team at 24 HOB on his own. Asking about the F3 Thang. Moseyed on out to Black Widow from F3 24HOB team’s invitation. A high quality NCSU alumi, proud member of The Sigma Chi Fraternity “InHoc”, Charlotte Catholic Cougar and proud owner of his own Landscape Management Company welcome.  Names, names and more names: KY suggested TacoMeat(my favorite non F3 Name), Coach w/ Whirly, Nibbs w/ Porno, Newport w/ Spackler #adamant there is no Spackler nevermind the #A51Redwood,  BallSack, Clippings, GreenAcres, husqvarna, Kabuto the Japanese Steakhouse, Kabota Japanese heavy landscape machinery manufacturer, snapper then finally The Red Snapper homage popping open a cold Budweiser after a hot muggy Carolina Summer day out in the Sun. Welcome!! See you next week..
  • Welcome Back Saqagawega or  saQ  the Q is emphasized. He posted for Grizz’s tower of terror last week and made it back out. TCLAPS sir keep it coming. 1 a week meet the guys, signup on twitter, then next thing you will be posting 4-5 times a week and running as a 6 man Ultra team at the BRR.
  • And now for something completely different. BRR season is in high gear, I love it!! Sofa King Elite Baby…We all know the standard Metro workout during BRR season 4-5 miles with head bob merkins. Been reading up on ways to mix up the training and HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training keeps coming up. YHC decided to give it go, went with the challenge of 50 seconds on, knowing my beasts would push through & at least the 60% gang would get 30seconds of work vs 12 seconds in a normal tabata session & we would keep 10 seconds not to much recovery. Different and yes YHC open up to some of the best Mumble-Chatter ever.
  • Abel #slimjim seriously lost 50 pounds? Great Work. Maradona #handofGod in the house, Scully in person does not exactly resemble the red headed vixen I was expecting, BlazingSaddles up from A51 appreciate the support forgot about all your knee surgeries with all the squats and lunges sure you will make it up at Meathead this week.
  • BobbaFett was uplifting and inspirational today #angrybeast #babylefthomehangintherebrother, Newport wearing some serious gloves #couldholdnuclearrods, Chowda grunted, Pitino headband ready, Bambino #pornstacheprofiling, SWAP #beachsurferlook, SUMP on high from his successful Q at Fortitude #SKEproud and screaming about GAAP’s UA, Belk mosey out past Freedom Park #SofaKingElite, Nationwide ready for the PGA Championship, Paula and Heartbreak keep coming out and getting stronger.
  • Appreciate the opportunity to lead and thanks for support from the SiteQs BigWorm #outoftownforworkmyass and Grizzly quality PiKappaAlpha from NCSU.






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  • August 2, 2017 at 8:43 am

    Ribeye, great Q. Your backblast reads like a Faulkner novel and I love it.

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