Reverse Lurker

Any pax that has ever been to a workout at or near Freedom Park has experienced the joy of The Lurker.  Even the Core guys at Splinter routinely (not often, but routinely) visit this “special” (read: horrific) segment of asphalt. So, today we once again made our way from MPTS to once again tackle the Lurker.  However, YHC figured it was high time for the Lurker to pay us back a bit of what it has taken from us over the years.  We did the reverse Lurker.

(No matter that we still had to climb up Princeton and Somerset to get there.  It still felt good running down this dang road!)

Here’s how the morning went.

Warmup with SSH, MC, and some stretching.

Route: Down MPTS road, right on Wellesley stopping briefly at Sterling.  Take Sterling to Princeton, turn right and stop at Freedom Park lake for Mary.  Next it’s AYG one (long) block to Forest Park.  Short Mary.  AYG to Somerset.  Short Mary.  AYG to Lilac.  Finally … enjoy the ride down Lilac to parking lot.  Two options to return to bottom of lake at Princeton.  Mary, then AYG to Sterling, then up to Queens.  Two options to get back home: Queens and Wellesley or Princeton to Bucknell to Hastings, Wellesley and back in.  Long route options ended at about 3.4 miles.


Great to have Frydaddy, Slater and Scrubs back at Splinter.

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