Some Guys Prefer The Dirt Road

Some guys prefer the dirt road. I don’t get it—never have. While I assume this is a little Robert Frost-ish with the whole “ Road Not Taken” philosophy, I like the flat , predictable surface. It’s nice and smooth and I’ve been there before. The dirt road, as enticing and adventurous as it might seem, is just that—a dirt road. In my mind, it should be avoided—and certainly not celebrated as something unique and once-in-a-lifetime…more on that later.

As it was, 16 Men on a Mission showed at Freedom Park for the thang we call Meltdown. Here’s how we got it done:

COP: The standard. Like counting on Keefer to Burp, ask “ Who’s this song by” , and sprint into a Starbucks potty at mile 2.5, YHC can be counted on.

The main event: Pain stations were set up that included pull ups, heavy ball sit ups, medicine ball launch, bosu ball sit ups, jump rope, kayak, and various KLB exercises. All of these were performed while pax took turns pulling 160 pounds around the parking lot.   8.5 x 11 pieces of paper indicated what to do at each station. ½ way through the workout, the signs were flipped over to reveal other exercises—except for a hand full we repeated because you can’t do enough pull ups, jump rope, etc…

NMM: Motley went first, which was planned on. There were 2-45 pound plates and 2-35 pound plates with a chain through the center holes. Two ties down straps gave the puller the option of how to pull—seemed like the common choice was to hook the straps together and place the strap at about chest level. Motley struggled on his first lap, which concerned YHC . However, if Motley can do it, I gotta at least try.   After my lap, weight was reduced by 35 pounds. Still pulling around the parking lot.

And this is where either a revolution took place, or a vote without me.

Next thing I know, Wahoo is pulling the weight down the dirt path. While this seemed nuts, it was quieter. The revolt was most probably led by Senor Chips who constantly worries about waking the neighbors ( he has this whole thing about “ be aware of others feelings—remind me to tell you about the time we went to 6 flags together and he tried to tell a woman her confederate flag tube top was offensive). Wahoo made it down and back, but the weight had to be reduced on the next pax’s trip. And then it was Motley’s turn again, who complained it was too light.

At which point Lil W saw his chance: “ It’s not rev’s fault. It’s not Motley’s fault, it’s the Asphalt…” I think we have heard that now 10,000,000 times.


For the record, this was a good plan but it took a few rounds to get in the groove. A little explanation of how the right hand and left hand work would have kept us going to the correct pain stations. Next time we do this will be at CORE where we can stick to the pavement and not worry about the noise since it is Saturday and we assume everybody is awake by 7.



Announcements: Give2Give in full swing. Help take the message to the next guy, who will take it to the next guy, and so it goes…

Keefer thinks the 10.8 Core party starts on Thursday and ends Monday. Not a bad idea.


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