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What we did:


Extra Credit:       N/A…. it is a late launch Friday workout for a reason, therefore extra credit was the additional 15 minutes of sleep everyone got.

The Warm Up:   Nice leisurely jog “with a soft J” to the Eastover Pediatrician parking lot. Q noticed last week while kids were getting a checkup that this lot is smooth and would be lovely for a workout.  Side bar: it is both sad and invigorating that everyday outings become inspiration for possible circles of pain. The PAX strolled in to the lot and circled up for a quick warm up. We kept it to:

SSH x 21

Mountain Climbers x 15

Imperial Walkers x 15

We had things to do:

Before we left this smooth lot, the PAX did bear crawl from one side to the other stopping every 5 bear steps for 5 merkins. Once on the other side squats while we waited for the PAX. We had to get back to the other side otherwise my accountant brain would explode with a possible unbalanced workout entry. So we crab walked back stopping every 5 crab steps for 10 LBC’s.

Let’s roll: across Sharon Amity and down to the Cotswold shopping center. Made the quick entrance by the UPS store and did some Lunge walk followed by backward lunge walk. At this point comments were made about I guess we are not having any rest today, as Q is a man of the people. We stopped for some Mary.

Followed by: Shopping for burpees. Starting at IHOP 1 burpee increasing at each store front by 1 burpee until we got to Harris Teeter. Which ending the pain with 13 burpees. TOTAL count 91 Burpees. Right guys who used their personal beliefs to abstain from burpees? You know who you are.

At this point some Mary was earned so we circled up in the HT parking lot for some LBC’s, flutter, Rosalitas. This was followed by a relieving 10 count, and we are off to Woodlark.

On wood lark from Randolph to Sharon Amity. Each speed bump and the end at SA, 10 jump squats, 10 wide arms, 10 knee ups. For who is counting that was 40 of each. Plank it up at the end wait on the PAX. It was noted during this plank that at 6:15 am it is noticeably warmer and more humid than at 5:45 am. Hmmmm (just food for thought)

Now we saunter down SA to the dip bars conveniently placed in from of Eddie’s for two rounds of dips (20/15) and derkins (10/10). With 15 minutes remaining it was just enough time to get some Hot Box work in. Sadly I was told by Coach that the Hot Box was closed from May through September. Feeling a little sad and slightly concerned Q decided to check it out. Lucky for all of Fortress they must have forgotten to lock the door because we were in.

Partner up:

Partner 1 – People chair while partner 2 runs length of the box and does 5 pull ups. (flap jack) x2

Partner 1 – Plank while partner 2 runs length of the box and does 5 pull ups. (flap jack) x2 – To this Sump notices it is like a mid-evil torture watching your partner have to exercise with you do your plank.

Slight Mary to catch our breath and we need to head back. Stop for a quick lung walk so that we don’t have to do any exercises once we hit COT and then all the way in.

COT –     There is this thing out there called Give to Give, maybe you have heard of it. F3 nation has been bringing it as they always do when called upon. We still have a lofty goal to reach but we definitely expect to get there. Anything you have is appreciated. Pitino mentioned the Roaring Riot tailgate supporting the Cam Newton Foundation, unofficial start for the season next Wednesday. Short but sweet take out by Grape Vine.

Thanks for having me Back Up and Noonan.

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