The Urban Sombrero

Curly tweeted out that all Bad A$$es need to post at SharkTank and 23 did so this week. Here’s what went down.


Run down greenway to fountain stopping at every other light post and do 5 spiderman merkins at each.

Stop at fountain and do 20 dips and 20 derkins, then run to the clock tower and do 20 dips and derkins at the wall then run back to fountain and do 20 more dips and derkins.

20 step ups OYO, LBC’s 20x

Run back to pick up the stragglers stopping at every other light post and do 10 running lunges.

Sprints x2 w/ 5 burpees mixed in after each.


SSH – 20x, Squats – 15x

Run to the rails at Target and do 15x supine pull ups and 20x Irkens (Incline Merkins).

Run down to Captain Jack and do 10 dips and 10 derkins.

Run over to the Lizzy Lurker. – 3 tips up Lizzy and do 6, 8, & 10 Makhtar n’ Diaye burpees.

Run back to Captain Jack and do 10 more dips & derkins.

Run to top of Target parking deck.  Line up for HR Merkin suicides. 10 each at each light post (3).

Next round same thing except do 10 jump squats.

Run down to the bottom of the ramp.  Partner up.  Partner wheelbarrow to the top of the ramp and do 20 Spiderman Merkins. Run to the bottom and repeato.

Run down and backwards run to the top. Russian twists – 20x, Flutter – 15x

Run back to hate ball.  Line up and sprint x4 the field stopping between each and do 5 burpees.



– OK, so the name of this workout is officially the “Urban Sombrero”.

Slaughter – “Want Ad, this workout needs to be called the Urban Sombrero”.

Uh, OK. Sure.

Apparently it’s Curly’s hat of choice for golf outings.  Peterman would be proud.  Speaking of Slaughter, man it’s good to see you back out there brother.  Strong work today and you haven’t missed a step. Cobains for the Makthar n’ Diaye burpees BTW.

– In case you didn’t know the Dunkin Donuts is open at 5:19am.  Curly can verify that as he dropped a deuce in there this am and managed to down a 1/2 dozen jelly filled and still finish his burpees.

– Vamos still doesn’t like running.

–  A little over 4 miles today and lots of upper body work. Stinger, Starbuck, Curly among others up front all morning.


– Give to Give campaign. Please donate if you can.  Month of August is the fundraiser. Go to the site for details.

– If your not running the BRR the morning of at 9:30 is the Sole to Sole fundraiser. It’s a mile lunge walk from the Men’s Shelter to NoDa Brewery. If you can still walk after a mile lunge you can drink some beer.

Thanks for the takeout Slaughter and to you and Curly for the opportunity to Q these Bad A$$es.

Until Next Time

Want Ad


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  • August 9, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Nice lead Want Ad! The Dunkin Donuts was very convenient, and open early. So glad you chose the Greenway for the EC!(#lifesaver)

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