WIB – 3 Man Grinder is Tomorrow!

WIB is back if you have not already figure that out, we post PreBlasts now so come get some. Jeeves has the Q for tomorrow and this what he has in store…

We’re going to do a long warmup run starting from the lot going into the park and then around the lake and ending at the pull-up bars.

  • 3 man grinder with Partner A doing 20 pullups, 30 pushups, and 40 bicycle kicks.
  • Partner C is at the parking lot at the bottom of the lurker doing 20 crossfit merkins, 30 squats, and 40 dolly’s/flutters.
  • Partner B is running and rotating with Partner A and C. Break up the sets however you want but try to get at least one full set in. If you finish up your set and your partner hasn’t shown up, repeat the set again until they arrive.

Run straight back to the parking lot with about 5-7 minutes to go. If it rains we’ll probably run to a parking deck and I’ll just make stuff up on the spot

See you in the gloom,



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