St. Andrews

Posted by Pipeline, on behalf of Missing De


9 men showed up to play The St. Andrews, well Midwood that is!! Here is how it went

Meck and Winter: 20 Merkins; then

10 burpees at every light pole on Meck from Winter to Matheson.

Mosey to Country Club 30 LBCs. Mosey to St. Andrews

1st loop:  Partner A 20 Merkins, 20 LBS, 30 Squats, Partner B runs then switch. The Q quickly realized the St. Andrews loop was a little long had to make an adjustment.

St. Andrews Loop: Partner A ran one way while Partner B ran the other, meet in the middle 10 partner handshakes then run to start 10 partner handshakes and repeat 3 times.

On our way back to Midwood Park we did:

10 Burpees at Country Club

10 Burpees at Matheson

10 Burpees at cul de sac?

10 Burpees at Winter?


FNG Creighton “Blue Jay”

FNG Dave “Carolina”



  • Ice Cream Socials at Men’s Shelter following dinner to promote Fortitude workout.  Monday 8/14 at 7:00 at Tryon location; Monday 8/21 at 7:30 PM Statesville Ave. Email Pipeline at for details.
  • Lunge Walk on Saturday (9/9) to support Good Soles, a non-profit started by Charlotteean Jeremy Coffey that purchases and donates steel-toed work boots to Men at the Men’s Shelter.   Lunge walk (or walk) 1 mile from Shelter to NoDa Brewery for celebration and Band and Brew.  Entry fee is a pair of work boots or equivalent cost ($25).
  • Fletcher’s surgery went well, we are staying overnight and if everything goes well tomorrow morning with his EKG and Echo Cardio Gram he will be going home tomorrow morning.       My family and I would like to think all of F3 Nation for their thoughts and prayers.

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