Copperhead Wednesday backblast

Posted on behalf of Whim who still doesn’t internet.
From the early gloom till the southern sunrise 4 men persisted to overcome the day through exercise. Copperhead AO to Billingsville and back. The leg exercise was so nice.. My left butt cheek is still soar.This is their backblast about it.
20 ssh
20 Copperhead Squats
20 Mountain Climbers
15 Windmills
15 Merks
30 Pull-ups (Good Form)
4 X 10 Rock Excercises
Field exercises
2 Field lunges
Broad Jumps
Bear Crawl / Crab walk
In this beat down we decided to make each member be their own worst enemy. During our travels , each man in the group got to call out an rock exercise of their choice . There is also a pre-run that was completely in the rain.. Springsteen exclaimed “I can’t see anything”
Swap was killing it on the run . He also shock his head when I told him that “Daisy is to cool to run in the rain”..
Also as you request .. here is a link to the 5K Please RegisterInspire 5K

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