The Valencia Menace

The Pick6 is deep into BRR training.   Tomorrow is a straight forward 2.2 miles loop. The goal is to complete as many loops as you can prior to the 6:15am whistle. Complete 3 and you have covered 6.6 miles. Complete more loops in 45 minutes and your simply a f&%ing badass. As the Nant’an has eloquently spoken it is #BRRGoTime.  Gather at Ben & Jerry’s parking lot on Fairview Rd,  Launch is 530am.

Who: Any PAX training for the BRR, Any PAX who wants to push themselves,  as Cannoli #4# would say any PAX looking to #GetBetter, be there.

*P.S. Make sure you take the time and thank Mr. Drummond for introducing F3PAX to the Valencia Menace.

The Valencia Menace Route



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