~6 minutes of Q-sanctioned rest

After a week or two of false starts YHC was finally able to fulfill his BHM Q obligation. Or, should YHC say: “I was finally able to humbly accept the responsibility of the BHM Q?” Either way, YHC could barely sleep as Sunday night turned into Monday morning and the platform for leadership arrived.

YHC was in the gravel lot early, although Paula was already there checking out the previous evenings happenings via the inter webs from the comfort of his SUV. Eventually, the Pax started to trickle into the lot. As we stretched Vamos asked if I was signed up for the BRR. Which was an unexpected question because 1.) I am not a runner 2.) I don’t look like a runner 3.) I’ve never been a runner and 4.) in fact I had been successfully head-locked by Voodoo over the weekend to join his team of real runners. So, I was very confused by his simple question. Turns out, he was just trying to get a read on the amount of running we’d be doing this morning. Answer: Not much. My BBR leg is (according to Voodoo) the second easiest leg of the whole relay. So, I assume that means I will be running just enough to give the real runners a short break for bathrooms, catnaps, and the like.

05:30, off we go.

Mosey into Freedom Park, past the train, to the base of the Lurker. Up theLurker. At the mid-point of the Lurker take a hard left to go through the parking lot and down the backside of the hill towards the moat. Circle-up for the usual COP:

In cadence:

25 SSH

12 IW

15 copperhead squats

(Tilda appears)

10 merkins – hold plank

10 mountain climbers – hold plank

10 merkins

20 LBCs

20 Freddie Mercury’s

The Thang. . .

10 burpees each minute for the next ten minutes. Go! As the Q I really didn’t want to give anyone time to think about what I had just said. Don’t think. Just Go!

All the Pax hung tough on this one. As far as I know everyone completed 100 burpees. However, I am sure that more than one of the Pax had wished that either they’d just stayed in bed that morning, or that they could run over and join-up with the triathlon training group doing lunges. I think that most of the Pax finished their burpees in the first 30 seconds of each minute. So, they earned 30 seconds of rest. 30 seconds red-lining, 30 seconds sucking wind — for 10 minutes. At one point I was thinking to myself. . .was that round 6 or round 7? From the gloom one of the pax asked for “count.” After some quick math I confirmed that was in fact the completion of round 7. 30 more to go. We completed that last 3 rounds.

I promptly asked for a 20 count. Then another. Then another. 60 seconds of additional sanctioned rest.

Some of the Pax were worried that we were about to double down on the burpees. Which we did not. Let’s mosey.

We made our way to the Nature Museum, which presents a nice opportunity for some hill work.

7s or 11s? I don’t recall. Does it matter?  Plank jacks at the top, squats at the bottom. I was pretty smoked from the burpees. So, I was able to watch Doogie, Vamos and the rest of the pax finish well ahead of me.

Three pax (unnamed. . . feel free to identify yourselves) decided that they had had enough and split from the museum. Good thing I don’t have feelings, or else they might be hurt.

Let’s head back to the AO, but not before we stop at the train for some LBCs. Then, AYG to the stop sign. Rest. Back to the AO anyway you choose. . . sprint, mosey, bear crawl, skip, hop, whatever. Most moseyed. Some sprinted. My mosey looks a lot like my sprint, but we all made it back to the gravel lot. No worse for the wear.

Beautiful COT.

Vamos, you’re up for 8/7.


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