Warm up (waiting on Keefer…):  SSH, IW, Mt Climbers

Run the Queens College block, stopping at Radcliffe and Selwyn. (Squats, merkins, LBC’s)

Run to Wellesley (10 merkins, other)

Run back to parking lot.  (Merkins, flutters)


Run to Radcliffe, take a left to the entrance of Freedom Park. (10 Squats,10 Plank Jacks)

Run to the train (10 dips, 10 Step ups)

Run to Freedom ski slope, partner up

Partner 1: Runs up the slope, 5 merkins

Partner 2: Squats

rinse, repeat…


Run to Princeton: Stretching.

Run to Queens: calf raises, R/L Lunges w/ 1 merkin 5x

Back to the lot.

Take out by Fry Daddy

3.7 miles

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