Screw your 2nd F!!

7 Sons thundered forth at SoT this AM from Westminster parking lot.  Here’s what you missed:

Run around the parking lot twice

20 MtnClimbers

25 CopperHead Squats

25 IW (or until failure)

25 FireHydrants

I think that was it…run down to the Mint Museum

Partner 1 runs around the block, stopping at 1 corner and doing 5 burpees

Partner 2 runs around the block the other way, stopping at 1 corner and doing 5 burpees

Meet, do 20 hand slap ‘Mercans.  Run back the same way doing burpees at your corner

A little Plank o’rama

Whim joins us

Run the opposite way this time, doing 20 MonkeyHumpers at the corner and 10 partner ‘dercans when you meet…run back to the start

Jack Webb on the Mint entrance (to 5 and back down)

Run back up Hempstead

Partner 1 runs backwards, partner 2 does 4 ‘Mercans and runs forward to catch partner 1… Flapjack

Fellowship pace back to the church, unless you’re Fry Daddy, then you sprint and screw your 2nd F

Circle up for some GAP shitters with the bricks with just enough time for 1.25 rounds

Great take out by FryDaddy


Whim’s 5K Inspire 5K

MIP needs Q’s, sign up




Whim (sort of)






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